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The Most Important Points and Miles I spent This Summer Were Also the Least Glamorous

most important points and miles


Next week I’m headed to the French and Italian Riveras. I’ll enjoy happy hour with my $2500/Night suite in Cannes and sunbathe on the only private beach in Monte Carlo.  Miles and points make it all possible. However, the most important points and miles I spent this summer involve Golden Corral and a Hyatt Place pool.

I’ve been meaning to visit a sick relative for months but just couldn’t didn’t make time. A couple of weeks ago it became apparent I needed to so sooner rather than later. Deal Dad re-arranged his schedule and I spent 15,000 Avios and 8,000 Hyatt Points (plus $110) to get there on two days notice. The flight would have cost over $350 and the hotel $300- which might have felt out of reach.

I’m so grateful that we didn’t have to make that calculation as the visit came at exactly the right time.  Another week and it would have been too late.

The trip had material pleasures- I rented a SWEET souped up Dodge Challenger begging for country roads and Bloomington was surprisingly hip. But what I’ll keep with me is gratitude for being able to drop everything and get where I needed to go at exactly the moment I needed to get there.

I guess the point here- if I have to have one- is that while the Cote D’Azur will have its charms, I’ll take the Golden Corral’s breakfast chocolate fountain with the right people. And while the Mediterranean may be more famous, the Hyatt Place’s pool comes with dazzling smiles of my cousin’s kids- sights I won’t see anywhere else.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Important Points and Miles I spent This Summer Were Also the Least Glamorous

  1. mason

    It would take the most amazing people ever to get me inside a Golden Corral. I trust you had a very good reason for going there.

  2. Brandi Parshley

    I love this post so much. Time spent with family is so important and it doesn’t matter if it’s inside a Golden Corral, it’s who you are with that’s important. I know during stressful times having miles and points has helped save cash costs for unplanned trips and events.

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