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When You’re Going Where Travel Guides Don’t

QuestionAnother reason I love Saverocity readers: You love travel as much as I do. More than miles and points, more than chasing the deal, you love travel. So I’m certain that you’ve shared my current dilemma: you’ve found yourself going where travel guides don’t.

It’s why Vendoming is now in our vocabulary: most Saverocity readers reject the Home-Lounge-First Class-Hyatt Club-Lounge-First Class-Home bubble (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and actually like to explore the places they visit.

I’m turning to you now for help on my next trip: to Pigna, Italy. Pigna is a Medieval village about an hour from Nice and 1/2 hour inland from the Italian Riviera in Imperia, Liguria.

If you’re wondering why I’m headed there, it’s a good question. After a week in Cannes, Monaco, and Marseille, which we can all agree are well covered (well, Marseille maybe not as much), I jumped at the invitation of Liguria Holiday Homes to review their newly remodeled Medieval Townhome for Traveling Mom.

However, I’m having trouble finding good information about the area. Google “Liguria” and you’ll get “Portofino”. Google “Imperia” and you’ll get a commune, Google “Pigna” and you’ll get, well, not much. Lonely Planet gives about two pages to all of Imperia and a paragraph to Pigna.

I know in Italy you’re tripping over Medieval towns but the lack of coverage is just, well, sad. However, that’s not worrying me- just the opposite. I can’t wait for the opportunity to uncover the attractions.

I explored Matera on the Adriatic Coast of Italy two years ago and loved sharing an alternative to Capri and Sorrento with you.  I’m hoping that Imperia could be an alternative to Cinque Terre or even to Cote d’Azur.

But before I get there I’m hoping one of you has been to Imperia or even, if I’m really lucky, to Pigna. If you have insight to share, please do so in the comments.

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    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks, Erik. Country specific search is a good idea. The limited info I’ve found sounds interesting, too.

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