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Fathom Cruise: My First Impressions in Two Photos

We’re less than two hours than shore and I can already tell you that the Fathom Cruise experience is different.  Well, I could tell you, but I’m gonna show you instead.

Fathom Cruise

My reward for rockin’ a plus size bikini

At the sail away pool party the staff mentioned that they would deliver notes from passengers who wanted to make a connection or compliment another passenger.  I figured it was like the Virgin Atlantic “buy a fellow passenger a drink” promotion and that it was clearly a hookup aid.

Imagine my surprise when this note showed up with a crew member saying the sender wanted to remain anonymous.  I think Deal Dad has nothing to worry about as the handwriting is clearly female.  My guess she was giving props to the thick chick letting her belly show without worrying that the world might end.  The kind of cruise that attracts such a passenger is a place I want to be!

Fathom Cruise

Deal Girl in her port (hole) fort.

I went back and forth about paying for a balcony upgrade but finally settled on “no”*.  I’m so glad I did as the window has a perfect little seating area that Deal Girl has made into an awesome space.  In fact, I’m typing this post from the port fort. What’s notable about this photo is not where Deal Girl is, but what she is doing.  My 9 year old is coloring. She turned away the Nintendo DS and the Android tablet for the joy of paper and markers.

I get it. The Adonia is that kinda place.  In fact, I’m going to try to document less and live more this week- we’ll see how that goes.

*As I mentioned in a previous post our cruise fare was provided by Fathom for review purposes.  I’m paying port charges, transport to the ship, and incidentals.

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4 thoughts on “Fathom Cruise: My First Impressions in Two Photos

  1. Christina Thomas

    I absolutely love these first impressions! I too loved how supportive the crew was and how somehow I felt safe and accepted on a boat full of strangers. Fathom is truly unlike any other cruise. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your journey. Cheers to you!

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