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New Brussels Airlines Economy Plus to Europe: worth 99 Euro?

I’ve gotten two offers in the past few days for my upcoming South of France trip for a la carte Economy Plus. In true BYOE style I have no airline status so am currently flying on coach award tickets. The first, from Delta, has been around for a while but the 2nd is a new offering from Brussels Airlines: Economy Plus.

Delta Economy Comfort ($109 DTW-FCO) : 6 inches more legroom, upgraded food and drink, early boarding, (basic) amenity kit, “enhanced entertainment options” (?). Clearly the only one of these I care about is the legroom.

Brussels Airlines Economy Plus (99 Euro till 9/15, then 120 BRU-IAD): 8 cm more legroom, double the recline, early boarding, an “upgraded dining experience” including champagne and chocolate. Double the recline sounds great until you realize that may mean someone else is doubly in your lap.

I’ve never understood the appeal of early boarding. I mean unless you’re flying Southwest or carrying something that absolutely can’t be gate checked why wouldn’t you wait until the last possible minute to get into a trans Atlantic coach seat? And I can’t imagine I care enough about food and drink to be worth it- I’ll be fresh from lounge access in both airports if I really need to get my drink on. The money really is all about the seat. Both planes are a 2-4-2 configuration and I’m in a window seat.

So I’m sure enough of you out there have done Delta’s Economy Comfort to tell me if it’s worth $109 (my gut is no). I am inclined to try the Brussels Airlines one, though, just because I’m guessing no one else will have.

As I’ve never done TATL Economy Plus I’d love to hear from all of you who have. Was it money well spent?

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3 thoughts on “New Brussels Airlines Economy Plus to Europe: worth 99 Euro?

  1. Jamie

    I’d be tempted by both of them, but have no previous experience of either. I probably assign value to the food, drink and amenity kit as well. (I have an inexplicable affinity for amenity kits of all kinds)

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