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Why I’ve Stopped Chasing Hyatt Diamond

hyatt diamondHappy June!  Summer’s start seems a good time to evaluate my travel strategy for the year. As I look back and forward, one thing is clear: whether I planned it or not, I’ve stopped chasing Hyatt Diamond.

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was questioning the value of Hyatt Diamond but thought I would stick it out another year.  However, five months into the year I have exactly two Hyatt stays on the books and only five more booked- and only two of those are firm.

It’s not like I’ve been staying home- in five months I’ve racked up 22 nights away from home and have another 12 planned for June.  But here’s where Hyatt’s limited footprint comes in: most of the nights were in places Hyatt just isn’t.  Not only was Hyatt not convenient, it was simply not an option.

I suppose I could have changed our travel plans to only places where I could cash in on suite upgrades but limiting my plans to Hyatt locations seems a really sad way to travel. In Europe it means cutting out the entire Iberian peninsula and all of Italy but Milan. Is Milan even in the top five cities to visit in Italy? It means no Ireland, no Scandinavia, and saying no to wide swaths in between major cities. The Canary Islands wouldn’t have even been on my radar.

Do I regret missing out on Hyatt perks?  Well, in Gran Canaria 80 Euro a night through Endless Vacation Rentals got us a recently remodeled ocean view 2 bedroom condo with a private Jacuzzi on our balcony. So…no.

Even in markets where Hyatt is represented I’m finding better values elsewhere. In Orlando recently it was 30% cheaper to rent DVC points and stay at a deluxe hotel on Disney property than to pay $42/night in resort fees and parking on top of the $200 (before tax) room rate at the Hyatt Grand Cypress.

Maybe I’ll regret giving up Diamond after 3 nights in a $2500 suite at the Hyatt Martinez in Cannes, but I just don’t think so.  The past two years I’ve spent 8-10 nights at random Hyatts in December just to get my 25 in. This year I’m so far behind the curve I’d have to mattress run the entire month to make it.  BYOE looks a lot more appealing after staring at that hurdle.

How are you handling hotel status in 2016? Do you think I’m making a huge mistake? I’d love your thoughts in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “Why I’ve Stopped Chasing Hyatt Diamond

  1. Singh

    My 1st yr as Hyatt Diamond and absolutely love the perks. N once u get used to the perks than u don’t want to let it go. So doing everything to have it for next yr for now. Done 10 stays n should be able to push another 15 by the end of 2016. Also realize there’s at least a cost of $500 involved to push for diamond. Just have to get more out of the program to justify the cost.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I hear you. I did it for three years and it is nice to have- I’m just not using it enough anymore to justify the expense. I could pay for club access and/or upgrades as needed and be free of the limited full service Hyatt location map.

      1. Singh

        The other prob is that none of the other hotel chains are offering wat Hyatt Diamond status offers. I wish there was some competition and customers can have other options to go. I had 3 night stay at IHG n 2 nights @ Choice hotels becaz of no Hyatt and wife’s like can we only travel to places with Hyatt. Even if we are not spending too much time in room, Hyatt still makes the whole experience better. Have few stays with SPG coming up and let’s see how those guys stack up.

  2. Solewalker

    I have a rather similar dilemma. If I were to rank my preferences in terms of hotel chains, it’d go: Hyatt, Starwood, Hilton. While I love Starwood, I’m having some anxiety about what would happen after the merger. As of right now, I will have 15 stays with Hyatt by end-July, and then I’ll be based in Asia, where Hyatt footprint is decent. I do question if it’s worth my time and effort to fly to places (that I don’t really want to go) with cheap Hyatts just to re-qualify, though.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Especially in Asia, where you can get fabulous hotel rooms for relatively little cash.

  3. HaleyB

    I’m still on the fence.
    6 stays to date with several more on the books.

    I adored Hyatt Huntington Beach and we go to CA often since we have family and friends there (plus Disneyland).

    There is exactly one nice hotel near my daughters University and it is a Hyatt.

    We have 2 Hyatt Resorts near-by.

    Love Hyatt breakfast, and we don’t eat cheap so free breakfasts are fairly valuable to me.

    I like Hyatt hotels both at high end and the low end.

    No trips on the books where Hyatt is the best choice.

    Nowhere near half way to 25 stays, I am at 4 with 2 more on the books this at this point.

  4. Nathan

    It does provide a lot of value to me, especially at some of the cheaper Asian or SA. But I agree that it is a hard status to maintain because of their small footprint. I’m in love with Papagayo/Southwest combo too.

  5. Brandi

    I don’t think you’re making a huge mistake, doing what makes sense for your family is always the right choice. It’s too easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. First class and nights in the Park Hyatt looks amazing on Twitter, but you’ve never been a blogger who only posts about `the good life`. You keep things honest and that makes the blog interesting.

    Our family has one partner who travels extensively for work. I will be requalified by the end of the month. I’ve chosen to stay with Hyatt because the benefits are consistent and the top tier status is reasonable to achieve. The customer service experience is also way above the other chains in regards to addressing problems. I’m top tier with IHG by paid stays and Hilton from matching. The benefits just don’t compare to Hyatt.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      The work travel helps. Somehow we seem to use the benefits every other year- last year the suite upgrades were a lifesaver in Japan.

  6. Trevor

    So I’ve done a few mattress runs where it made sense during this current promo, but I’ll be chasing Hyatt Diamond status again this year. I’ve really found it to be enjoyable. I’m also not beholden just to Hyatt, but it has been hard to make the change, like just last weekend, it was Park Hyatt Milan or Sheraton MXP. Despite a rough arrival experience, I was much happier with the Sheraton for the ease (and a great little sandwich shop). Its sad, but when you think of it, the elite status gravy train seems to be waning, I’m seeing it more everywhere but Hyatt, but status for status sake is still not a great idea.

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