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$100+ in Amazon Sample Box Credit- How to Spend the Credits

I hope you’ve gotten in on the amazing Amazon deal where you get $106 back in credits with amazon sample box purchases. If you haven’t yet, some of the boxes are still available here.  The only downside to the deal is that each box has a list of items you can spend the credit on and I’ve found the lists aren’t the easiest to access once you’ve bought the boxes.

Since I’m finding the lists for myself anyway I thought you might appreciate having them in one handy post.  I’m also ranking the deals in order of which items you can use the credits on as the lists vary from 50k plus all the way down to 23.

Sports Nutrition Sample Box: $9.99 credit, 66,920 items

Snack Foods Sample Box: $4.99 credit, 5,961 items

Protein Bar Sample Box: $9.99 credit, 2,163 items

Suds Sample Box: $7.99 credit, 992 items

Amoretti Syrup Box: $9.99 credit, 405 items

Snack Bar Sample Box: $4.99 credit, 284 items

Cookie Sample Box: $4.99 credit, 274 items

Energy Drink Sample Box: $7.99 credit, 194 items

Men’s Grooming and Oral Care Sample Box: $19.99, 32 items

Women’s Skin and Oral Care Sample Box: $14.99 credit, 31 items

Makeup and Hair Care Sample Box:  $9.99 credit, 23 items

These credits totally rock- you CAN use them on subscribe and save and also use coupons on your purchase.  I’m so glad to have seen this deal!

The other thing I noticed while shopping is that you have to make sure the item you pick is sold by  Sometimes an item will be “fulfilled by Amazon” but sold by someone else- that will not trigger the credit at checkout.

I’ve already gotten three credits and have only received one box so they’re coming fast and furious!  The good news is that you don’t need the email to redeem them- they are automatic if you purchase the right items.

Find anything particularly good?  Share in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “$100+ in Amazon Sample Box Credit- How to Spend the Credits

  1. Jamie

    I really like the Kind bar Strong and Kind varieties. Especially the roasted jalapeño. They were on the list in like three categories, which made buying those boxes a good deal for me, because the credit could be used on something I normally buy.
    It’s so fun opening these sample boxes, I’m glad I came across this deal. I’ve stopped buying the Target ones, because I don’t really use that many beauty and hair care products. So, even though I love the surprise and excitement of seeing what’s in the box, the reality on those is that it’s a waste of money for me.

  2. Jess

    This is essentially a BOGO, making the items about half price. Why is everyone so excited about that? I really wan to know.

  3. Jamie

    I really like the Planet all purpose spray cleaner that came in one of the sample boxes. So, I thought, perfect, I can use the $1 off coupon and the credit… Well, the only quantity that amazon sells is a case of 12 bottles of it?! That is so weird.

      1. Jamie

        Yep, there are other sellers that sell in quantities of 2, but it has to be amazon in order to use the credit.
        At least this is one of the categories with tons of products you can use the credit on, but it’s a bit of a bummer that I actually tried a new cleaner that I ended up really liking.. but I can’t (practically) use the credit for it.

  4. JONI

    How many credits can you use towards one item? For example, if I purchased all the different Amoretti syrups at $2 each (there are 13 varieties), can I use all 13 of the $2 credits on one order of two regular size bottles or would I need to buy 13 regular size items?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Joni,
      Good question. I have used multiple credits per order, but each credit covered one item or the entire order. I’ve never tried to use more than one for a single item. My gut is that you’d be ok since it’s the purchase price that matters, but can’t say 100% since I haven’t tested it. Readers?

  5. wiggles

    I can’t repurchase the same box… I wonder if they will have the same type of box, but with different products anytime soon, because I’d purchase it again– it was pretty neat. However, that was back in December and I still can’t repurchase it.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Wiggles,
      Amazon releases new boxes at least quarterly- I’d just keep an eye on the site. I’ll also update here when I see new ones.

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