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When Choice Points Come in Handy

choice points Choice Points are one of the least talked about hotel reward programs out there, but I find them to be really useful.  Besides the the Hotel Bolivar in Rome and the Comfort Suites in Atlantis, humble Choice points are often my go to in another situation: last minute Interstate motel stops.

One of my pet peeves is that it can cost more to stay at a small town motel than many nicer hotels in tourist destinations.  A Super 8 in Burt, Iowa that goes for $119+ a night springs to mind, but I digress…

So during a recent drive up Interstate 95 I started yawning around Fayetteville, NC.  I pulled off at a rest stop to survey my options on my smartphone. The nearest Hyatt was 150 miles away.  Other chains (those which had any rooms within 50 miles) were all over $120 or 15,000-25,000 points-which seemed silly since it was after 10PM and I’d be on the road again at 6AM the next morning.

Except Choice. Opening up the Choice mobile site I quickly saw at least 10 motels within 30 miles of me on the Interstate ranging from 6,000-10,000 points a night.  I found the nearest 6,000 point room that had a reasonable rating from guests and 10 minutes later walked into a clean, if dated, room at an Econolodge.  The room would have cost $89+tax – which was cheap compared to my other limited options- so I was happy with the redemption.

Choice is a transfer partner of American Express rewards and has occasional “buy points” bonuses.  I normally advise against buying points but I stock up on Choice anytime I can get them for less than .75 cents a point or so. They also show up on the annual Daily Getaways list in very limited quantities at 1/2 off.

Have Choice points ever gotten you out of Interstate purgatory? Are other locations a great value on Choice points?   Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “When Choice Points Come in Handy

  1. Singh

    Same thing here. CP’s been super useful, when big chain hotels are of no help. I will be staying in Anchorage (3 nights) at Quality inn for 16k per night. Room was going for some $199. One time used them in Macon, GA during Cherry Blossom peak time. Got a nice King suite for 6K+$30 something.
    One more imp point, whenever you redeem choice points, room assigned will be a suite(Comfort inn/Quality inn/Clarion)

    1. Jamie

      I’m don’t think that’s true about getting a suite. We’ve gotten a regular room, although I couldn’t say for sure that this hotel had any suites.
      It’s nice if using points gets you a better chance of being in a suite, though.

      1. thedealmommy Post author

        Hi guys,
        I think Singh was referring to the little know fact that many Choice locations are all-suite. However, I have noticed that Choice points book into pretty much any room category available. This is especially important in Europe where independent locations have a wide variety of choices.

        1. Singh

          I think ur right. Jus did random search n all d available rooms are some kind of suites i.e with a convertible couch and some kind of separation between beds n living space. Found this very common on Quality Inn motels.

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