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Seven Reasons Disney World for Adults Rocks

Disney World for adults Greetings from Kona Cafe, where my french press 100% Kona is on its way. I’ll be able to savor it in peace because of my secret: Disney World for adults is AMAZING. I know this is hardly a revalation to some-looking at you Perry Platypus- but every time I come sans Deal Kids (and it’s been 3x in the last year) I hear at least one “really?” from the peanut gallery. And that peanut usually is scarred with memories of endless lines, searing heat, and screaming kids. So today I’m sharing seven reasons I love Disney World for adults.

Seven Reasons Disney World for Adults Rocks

  1. You can beat the heat.  90 degrees is a heck of a lot more tolerable from the pool or inside a pyramid. Without kids you can leave the parks anytime you get too hot or find lots of places to escape within them.
  2. Amazing food.  You heard me. Amazing. Food. Get off the chicken nugget express and you’ll find some of the freshest, most thought out, and all around great eats on Earth.  Disney takes salads to an art level. The chefs go out into the gardens and pick for themselves what they’ll use each day.  When in doubt, order salad- it makes up for the Tonga Toast.
  3. Adult beverage flights. Disney prides itself on theming and every bar and restaurant has a specialty.  The best way to enjoy it is in a “flight” which contains a taste of 3 different types arranged in a sampling menu like you’d see in a vineyard.  From the organic beer at The Wave in the Contemporary to the 12 year scotches I enjoyed yesterday at Jock Hangar’s Bar in Disney Springs you’ll get great spirits at a value price.
  4. Grown-Up Entertainment. Recently a fellow Traveling Mom and I enjoyed a spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks accompanied by a ukulele serenade.  at Trader Sam’s in the Polynesian. Add a frosty mug of rum goodness  and it was pure heaven. And Amphicar rentals only hold three-no worries about someone missing out.
  5.  Screaming kids? A lot easier when they’re not yours.  
  6. Lines? You can’t negate them, but without kids you can be a lot more strategic.  No one will judge you for skipping Dumbo- though you might want to check out the new waiting area. Ditto for going around the Gran Fiesta tour with the 3 Caballeros twice in a row because it’s cool and empty.
  7. More time to appreciate the details.  Patton Oswalt recently noted “If you give an obsessive-compulsive unlimited funds they can do some really amazing stuff”.  In the Jock Hangar bar it was a good 1/2 hour before I realized the case under my seat was jam packed with historically accurate artifacts.  I spent a long time last year in the Animal Kingdom noticing the torn layers of posters in Harambe market.  Each one had to be hand painted just to be ripped up so a 1/2 inch would show.  I had a chance to chat with the Harambe imagineers and they spent weeks in Africa sourcing artifacts and researching the scenery.  If you’re chasing rugrats you’ll miss all of that hard work.

So I hope I’ve convinced you to at least try a few days without kids at the mouse house.  I like coming even when I don’t have a park ticket. Stay on property to restaurant and bar hop and you won’t miss Thunder Mountain.

What are your favorites without kids?  I’d love some ideas in the comments as I’m here another week!

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(Apologies for the listicle  format, the post just worked better this way.)

3 thoughts on “Seven Reasons Disney World for Adults Rocks

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  2. Perryplatypus

    Been saying for years that Disney is awesome without kids. That’s why we don’t have any yet 😉 If you get a chance try to go back during F&W try the Wine View Lounge Experience.

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