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If The Hobby Leaves You Jaded, Do This

the hobby

Hijinks at the Hyatt Chesapeake

I’m writing this post at the indoor pool of the Hyatt Chesapeake watching Deal Girl and her BFF float on a raft while playing a game of their own invention. Spending the last 24 hours with a 9 year old unfamiliar with our travel habits is a breath of fresh air. The Deal Kids are accustomed to club access, in room robes, and killer views. Anything short of a private  balcony jacuzzi (which we had in Gran Canaria) might get met with a yawn. The Hobby has jaded not only me, but them to a degree as the bar for “wow” gets raised a little higher with every hotel stay. 

Not so with DGBFF. A machine that brews hot cocoa? A revelation. Bunk beds in our junior suite? Vendoming of the highest order. The bathrobe is a royal vestment and a bunk bed picnic of club snacks butler service. While Deal Girl and I would  enjoy the amenities, for DGBFF it’s a whole new world. 

It’s not the first time I’ve had a kid remind me what charmed air we breathe. A few years ago we brought an 8 year old friend along to Amish Country and she was wowed by the Park Inn in Harrisburg, PA. Let me repeat that: a Park inn in Harrisburg had her wondering if it was the place Cinderella lost her slipper

So if you’ve been shrugging at a partial ocean view or rolling your eyes at an “average” club lately, bring a kid-not your own- on your next trip. One day watching her marvel at the little soaps will get your head on straight and remind you why “The Hobby” is worth the hype. 

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6 thoughts on “If The Hobby Leaves You Jaded, Do This

  1. Joe

    Glad you guys are having fun. Always concerned what it might mean for the future of my kids don’t know what coach is (exaggerating of course)! It’s interesting to think about finding that balance between making things easier and comfortable (lounge access) and making sure the kids learn to enjoy without frills travel

  2. Joe

    Oops my comment from my phone didn’t post. I think that’s awesome. I sometimes worry my kids will turn into DYKWIAers if they never sit in coach (I exaggerate, we fly coach all the time). But that sentiment.

    So I’m always thinking about how to keep things balanced…

  3. Christine B

    I’ve strongly been considering going to the Hyatt Chesapeake with our 9 and 7 yo kids in May, since it’s such a short drive from Baltimore, but I’ve read mixed reviews. It seems like your family is enjoying. Did you use a Hyatt Diamond upgrade (now that so many got matched to Diamond) or just book a room straight up? What kind of room did you end up in?


    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Christine,
      I’ll do a complete review for Traveling Mom soon. Bottom line: much improved over my last visit, which wasn’t great. We’ve been probably 10 times and it’s our “Kellerman’s”.

      Yes, we’re diamond and on off peak we usually end up in a junior suite (this was the junior family suite) without a DSU. Peak we’re lucky to get a water view. The DSU got us into the Chesapeake suite once, but it was in Nov. so I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. Gene

    Joe, my two cents. Dump the easy and comfortable.. nothing in this life worth doing was easy and comfortable.

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