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Free Victorias Secret Rewards Card Promo is Back! Up to 28 $10+ Gift Cards for 98 Cents Each

free victorias secret reward cardPerry Platypus gave me a heads up: it’s back!  Many of you got in on this amazing Victoria’s Secret Reward Card promotion in December where they gave up to 25 free $10 gift cards away with a mail in entry. The free Victorias Secret reward card promotion is back, but it’s a little more expensive this time. However, with a bit of effort, you can get up to 28 $10-$500 reward card for 98 cents each- the cost of two postage stamps.

Every time VS runs this promotion they learn some lessons. This time, they’ve made the process mail-in WITH A HAND WRITTEN SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE.  You’ll have to pony up 2 postage stamps. They’ve also restricted it to one per day (They use the postmark, so Sundays and holidays won’t count) and have tightened up the “mail one per day restriction”.

So you can make up the 4×6 cards and envelopes required in one fell swoop (I’m “hiring” the Deal Kids for this part at 10 cents each) but you’ll have to mail them one daily. Even so, with the promotion starting Feb. 25 (excluding Sundays) if you start at the beginning you can still get 28 $10-$500 reward cards for 98 cents each. Want to make the process even cheaper? Order your discount postage now!

The fine print is all here. I’ll pull out the relevant parts:

All eligible entrants who are residents of the US, PR and Canada may enter by mail during Period 3 (starting Feb. 25) without making a purchase by legibly hand-printing your full name, address, valid email address, and date and year of birth on a 4” x 6” piece of paper, and mailing it, along with a legibly handwritten, self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient return postage and a return address, including first and last name, street address, city, state and ZIP or postal code, both in a sealed outer envelope with proper postage to Victoria’s Secret Secret Reward Promotion, P.O. Box 139024, Dallas, TX 75313 (“General Access Mail-In Entry”). Outer envelope of General Access Mail-in Entry must be postmarked by March 28, 2016, and received by April 4, 2016 in order to be eligible.

Now the cards have restrictions: for one you can only spend one per transaction. However, I won a $100 card last time and readers won up to $500!  Many readers got enough free underwear for a lifetime last time.  I’m actually wearing a pair as I type this! When I spent the cards I went through ebates to get cash back on each transaction.  It wasn’t much, but every bit helps!

Are you getting in on the VS madness this time? Please come back and share your results in the comments.

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63 thoughts on “Free Victorias Secret Rewards Card Promo is Back! Up to 28 $10+ Gift Cards for 98 Cents Each

  1. Jamie

    I’ll be doing this again. It was technically one per transaction last time also, but I was able to combine them into one in store so long as I had one item per certificate. Definite YMMV and that really only cuts down on the hassle factor, though you could try putting a bunch of cheap items and one expensive item together in order to effectively combine them to pay for something pricier.
    I’ll be hoping for one of the big ones, of course, but would be perfectly happy with a bunch of free undies and some lotions and whatnot as gifts.
    The main bummer about the small ones is that $10 isn’t enough to reach any free shipping threshold, so you have to use them in store if you want anything that’s completely free. (I’d love to know any tips on getting around this).

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I read the rules exactly as written on this: the sweeps company is looking for any reason to disqualify you. So unless it specifies, you are good.

  2. Amy C

    Not worth it for me. I had decided that one stamp was worth more than the hassle after the Christmas promotion. Definitely not worth 2 stamps.

  3. rusty

    Did this last year and will be doing it again this year I think.

    On the SASE do you think we leave the return address (upper left hand corner) blank?

    Also I am a dude and haven’t set foot in a Victoria’s Secret store in probably 20 years. Do stores usually have a clearance section that is comparable to prices in the clearance section on the website?


    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Rusty,
      In a self addressed stamped envelope you use your own return address.
      In the past the stores have pulled clearance off the shelves during secret rewards time. $10 gets you a single pair of underwear or one beauty item.

      1. Jamie

        At Christmas when I redeemed mine from the last time, they had BOGO underwear. That was perfect, because you could get two for one $10 cert. But yeah, no clearance rack that I could find. And no way to know if they’ll have a BOGO panties deal at a convenient time again.

        1. rusty

          Thanks I think I understand. I obviously know to put my address in the middle of the envelope but how about the return address area in the up left corner, do I duplicate and put my address their again or leave it blank?

          Jamie — Thanks for the BOGO tip hopefully they will have a similar deal this time around. The $2.99 clearance section on the site is a bit thin right now.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      No. They’re pretty strict on that one. Occasionally pull get a clerk that will let you use more than one a day but they still have to be separate transactions.

  4. rusty

    Hey one more quick dumb question please. Did y’all put (“General Access Mail-In Entry”) on the envelopes last time? I added it on the bottom right corner last go around and got my codes ok but of course would want to skip it if its unnecessary.


  5. Teddy

    I counted and there are only 28 eligible days in the promo period, so do I need to use a second address for #29? Not that I wouldn’t be happy with 28 rewards.

    1. Jamie

      I have a paper cutter (wanted one since elementary school and bought it when I saw them at Costco). I cut card stock to 4×6, but you can use plain paper also. I mostly do this because then I’m using all materials I have on hand. 4×6 index cards would definitely be easier.

  6. Joe

    Would these reward cards be eligible for resell? Say if I won one of the $100 gift cards in addition to others…my wife can only buy so much…

    If you can use them online I wouldn’t see why not?

  7. BC

    Can more than one person from the same home address participate? In Section B. How to Play, it says,” Entrants are limited to one (1) Secret Reward Card per person/household/email address per day, regardless of method of entry. Daily entry limit for mail-in entries will be validated by postmark date.” Just wanted to see if people who have played in the past were successful in using multiple people from the same home address.

  8. Dar

    What size envelopes did you guys use last time for the return? It looks like it comes on a card like gift cards you’d buy in the store. Do they fold it if you used a small envelope? Or did you use an envelope that holds a 4×6 without folding it? Or use a long, legal size envelope. Just worried they won’t mail it back if it doesn’t fit properly despite doing everything else correctly and them not specifying an envelope size.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi dar,
      This is the first time the secret rewards cards have been mailed. They should fit in a standard sized (letter sized, not legal) envelope.

  9. julianna

    This is my first time to do this. I was trying to use all of those extra envelopes I have on hand from Christmas cards and random stationary. Do we think it would be okay if the outer envelope is green, or 5×7 shape? I’ll buy the white letter envelopes for the SASE just to be sure I guess? Also, is there only a 2 week window with which to use the reward cards?

  10. Lizzie

    Looks like you can add another entry by participating in “Period 2” — on Feb. 21st — by signing up to be a Pink Nation member, which is free.

  11. H

    Any confirmation on the return envelope size? I’ve been using #6 envelopes since they fit nicely in a #10 and it’s too early to have received any cards back. Reading Steph’s comment above, I’d hate to be throwing away postage…

    1. Lisa

      I’ve seen a photo of a number 6 envelope and a rewards card. It doesn’t fit. It won’t seal normally. It’s a couple centimeters too big. I doubt if they’d just take up some of the flap and rig it closed with tape due to the massive quantites

  12. Dar

    With regards to the envelope size. Can’t they just fold it? Even if I get a gift card from the store on a cardboard backer, I can fold the cardboard part and stick it in any size envelope. I have been folding the 4×6 card into an envelope, along with folding the SASE and mailing it off. Wouldn’t they be able to fold it on their end and stick it in the mail?

    1. Lisa

      I don’t know if they would fold it or not. Personally, I don’t want to take the chance. It doesn’t specify envelope size in the rules. I’ve seen that VS does chats to answer questions, can’t hurt to ask.

  13. H

    Ok, so first datapoint. Received my first card today, postmarked 3/4/16 from Metroplex, MI.

    Although all of the ones I sent last week used a (folded, in thirds) #10 SASE with my address in both the From and To areas, this particular one was on a #6 envelope and did not have a return address on the SASE. YMMV but it is possible for these non-ideal entries to be accepted. The card _just barely_ fit.

    I’m still with Lisa on this one, go with a #10. The additional cost for a larger envelope is minimal relative to both the cost of the stamps and the potential return.

    1. Jamie

      Thanks for the info!
      Haven’t received any yet and I started in the early window for pink nation members. Anybody else receive replies yet? I’m eagerly checking the mail everyday. 🙂

  14. Dar

    Yeah, me too! I did 1 during the Pink Nation week and nothing so far… sent out several during the next period as well……… I’m beginning to think that I wasted a lot of money on stamps for nothing.

      1. Jamie

        I agree. I took a quick look at the slickdeals thread and it seems like very few people have gotten their cards yet. And most, if not all, who did are Angel credit card holders who sent them in during the very first period.

    1. Dar

      I just received 2 in one envelope. I had used the small standard size envelopes and they were a little too short for the cards they mail out, so they actually taped it closed. I sent in 10 total. Just wondering if the others will show up soon since you can start redeeming on the 29th.

  15. Scott

    Only 12 days left to redeem, and the two of us have each only received 5 of the 18 that we sent in. And 1 of the 10 envelopes came back completely empty.

  16. Shannon

    I didn’t keep an exact count of how many I send in. So far, I have received about 20 cards. All of them had $10, but one had a $50. I received one more today, so the cards are still being mailed. I was able to go to my local store and purchase several items. They allowed me to purchase them in separate transactions. No great deals in the store, but with the $50 gift card, it was well worth the time and money sending in the cards.

  17. Dar

    I sent in 14 and got 15 back (they sent 2 in 1 envelope the first time… see post a few people up). All were for $10. Luckily they have been having a sale on their normally $18 ea lotions and fragrance mists at 2/$10. So I’ve been stocking up on those so far which end up costing 82 cents for 2.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I got a bunch of fragrance mists last time. I experimented and found they also do well as home fragrance using diffuser reeds.

  18. Scott

    They are still coming. We also got one envelope with 2 cards, so I guess that makes up for getting the empty one. One card was for $100 so definitely worth it. All the others $10.

  19. H

    Interesting…just received an email with a card # and pin. Could be that they’ve now shifted to fulfillment via email since time is running out to redeem cards.

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