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Today’s To-Do: Learn 2016’s Word of the Day

Word of the Day

This is part of the Today’s To-Do series. Each post I’ll lay out one task that will get you closer to traveling more for less.

2016’s Word of the Day: Incremental

For today’s to-do I installed this plastic door rack in my pantry.  Our pantry is  a black hole and because of this we end up with WAY more things like microwave popcorn and oatmeal than we need, as you can see.  Deal Girl outgrew her toy rack so I stuck it up on the pantry door- an incremental change that took five minutes but will pay off in us not buying cases of unnecessary popcorn and oatmeal.

What does a plastic door rack have to do with miles and points? Plenty. Incremental changes like adding a door rack add up to time and money saved.  Incremental changes in your life can add up to miles and money you can use for travel.

Today’s to-do for you: Make just one incremental change. Need an idea?  Automate a single monthly bill onto a convertible credit card. Cell phone, auto insurance, electric, any will do.  The five minutes you take to add a $200/month bill will add up to 2,400  points a year.  Extra credit if you get category bonuses: for instance a Chase Ink (business) card will get you 5x on your cell phone, cable, and internet bills.

Are all your bills automated?  How about making sure your purchases go through portals to earn extra points?  Cash Back Monitor is a great tool to have in your bookmarks. It tracks each site daily to make sure you’re earning the absolute best rate on each purchase.

Now am I going to tell you that small changes are going to get you 900,000 points today? No.  But every point counts.  With diligence and- say it with me- incremental changes you’ll get where you want to go.

What incremental changes gave you the biggest bang for the buck?  Please share in the comments.

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