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7,599 Reasons to Luv Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Official Logo

Southwest Airlines Official Logo

Thanks to reader Brandi for reminding me why I luv Southwest Airlines. Southwest has the most friendly change policies out there and you can rebook a flight at current rates for no charge- up until 10 minutes after departure. You can book and rebook to your heart’s content when either your plans or the prices change.

Case in point- my flights to Orlando for FT4RL 4. I originally booked flights from DCA-MCO nonstop for 17,221 Rapid Rewards points round trip. Today I check and my flights were down to 9952 points: a whopping 7599 difference!  Five minutes later I had the new rates and enough rapid rewards points in my account for a flight this summer.

To rebook, you can just log into your Southwest account, select “change flights”, and you can “change” back to the exact flight you were on at the new rates.  It works for cash reservations, too!

Have you benefited from any Southwest luv recently?  Share your successes in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “7,599 Reasons to Luv Southwest Airlines

  1. Nancy

    I love Southwest! We booked flights to/from Orlando in January for $86 each way, which I thought was a great price. Last week I looked and our return flight had gone down to $41. $41!!! I couldn’t believe it. I got the points refunded. I hadn’t seen a fare that low in forever.

  2. CopperHog

    This article reminded me to check the pricing on a family trip to Ft Myers in March. Changing and rebooking the previously-booked flights for the 4 of us just got me 17,000 points … thanks!

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