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Did You Know Orlando Has Two Airports? (Unless You’re a Hobbyist, Probably Not)

Yes, Orlando has two airports: MCO and SFB. However, I learned (AGAIN) last night how differently I think from the rest of the world. Let me explain.

I’m in Florida for a destination wedding. Which means people from all over the country are converging on one spot, including some who travel infrequently. I offered to use some Hyatt points to book a relative into a Hyatt near Orlando airport for the last night of their trip. Easy peasy. Right?

Not so much. Fast forward to last night when I learned that they flew into, you guessed it, Sanford. Didn’t occur to them that Sanford is NOT Orlando, didn’t occur to me that anyone flew into Sanford! (Trivia: it’s Allegiant airlines, which flies from many cities in the Midwest.) Fortunately this was an easy fix, however there are so many ways it could have gone wrong!

Stuff happens to even the most experienced of us. Deal Dad has driven to DCA instead of IAD more than once and heck I booked a car in the wrong state! But this time of year it’s incumbent upon us in “The Hobby” to help out those less savvy and ask for the IATA code to make sure everyone is clear on the airport.

Or to maybe let them know about rush hour times and what to expect or how to avoid.  For instance: a “3 hour drive” from Orlando (especially if it’s Sanford which is 30 minutes north) to Lauderdale is more like six if you do it Friday during rush hour.

Because if you don’t it will be YOU that pays the price on the back end in hours lost, re-booked reservations, and general frustration.  Better to share your knowledge and just save everyone the trouble.

Have any of you face-palmed over a relative’s travel foibles? Let’s commiserate in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Did You Know Orlando Has Two Airports? (Unless You’re a Hobbyist, Probably Not)

  1. Jamie

    My sister flew to/from that airport once. She lives in Daytona, so Sanford is closer to her. Allegiant flew nonstop to Knoxville where we were meeting up for the weekend. Worked perfectly for us. Luckily it showed up on an OTA search, otherwise I never would’ve thought of checking Allegiant or Sanford!

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