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My No-Brainer 48 Cent Disney Souvenir Hack

Mickey glow braceletsI am the least crafty person on Earth. I don’t DIY, I don’t creatively re-use my recycle bin, I can barely sew on a button. So if I came up with this Mickey ears glow in the dark toy I PROMISE you can make it in the park in five minutes or less. Even better, the money you save not having to buy the Disney souvenir in the park can be spent on another Dole Whip.

The only supplies you need are these Glow Light Stick Bracelets and a roll of tape. You only use six so at 8 cents a bracelet each toy costs you 48 cents.

Construction couldn’t be easier. Don’t make it until dark as the tubes activate when you break the stuff inside. Use two for the head, one each for the ears, and two for the handle. The package comes with tube fasteners to keep the circle shape for the head and ears. Just tape the ears to the head, the handle to the bottom, and you’ve got an instant parade light-up toy. Will it last more than two hours or so? No! But do you ever take home that $10 light up junk from the parks? No! This takes up no room in your bag AND saves you money. Total no-brainer!

I was expecting this to only appeal to the under 5 set, but I showed Deal Girl, 8, and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. You could totally play around with this: a magic wand, perhaps, or a tiara? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Other Uses

I originally bought this pack of 100 8″ Glow Light Stick Bracelets for Halloween last year and am picking up another one for this year. Kids of all ages, even the picky older ones, loved the glow bracelets and I felt better about not rotting their teeth. I’ve used them for outdoor parties, 4th of July, goody bag favors, or last minute get-togethers. ┬áJust last night I handed the Deal Kids and their friends 10 of them to hide around the yard- a game that occupied them for a good hour.

Do you keep a stash of glow sticks around? How do you use them? Please share in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “My No-Brainer 48 Cent Disney Souvenir Hack

  1. HaleyB

    Right now at $ stores and Walmart you can find glow in the dark Mickey ear headbands.
    These are fantastic for finding each other at night as they look pretty different than the huge glow ears Disney sells.

    The $ store also often has glow ball sets that are great for entertaining the kids while waiting for any of the nighttime shows.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Haley,
      Good Idea to check the Halloween sections for glow in the dark. Walmart in Orlando is a great souvenir stop.

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