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Child Disfigurement Fee

Deal Dad and I caught Fresh Off the Boat last night and had one of those moments- almost cringe-worthy- when a scene from TV cuts close to real life. The entire episode is worth your time but at least take a look at the minute above. I’ll bet you see yourself and your spouse in it like we did!

While I’ve never claimed a “child disfigurement fee” and I’ve certainly never pulled my kid’s tooth out with my bare hands (yeah, she went there) I’ve definitely had that conversation with a hotel front desk clerk. And Deal Dad has definitely delegated the enforcer role to me…or better put I’ve happily taken it on.

So which role do you take in your relationship? What’s the most creative tactic you’ve used to get out of a resort fee? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Child Disfigurement Fee

  1. MickiSue

    I’m definitely the enforcer, at least as far as hotels or airlines are concerned. My two favorite times I enforced were these.

    On a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, we arrived at our hotel about an hour after check in time, only to find that our room wasn’t ready. The disinterested desk clerk told us to come back at 5 pm, and it “should” be ready. I was exhausted, and really looking forward to collapsing on the bed, having been at a conference for three days before, but we wandered into the casino, went to see the IL’s room and waited.

    At 5, I went to the desk, and the room wasn’t ready. This time, the clerk was a sweet young man from France. When he apologized, I said, “I really think that, at this point, we should get an upgrade, don’t you?” He agreed. Minutes later, we were walking into our suite with a balcony and a view of the lake.

    For which we’d paid a whopping $39/night, as I’d also used my mad hotel bargain skills to find the place, at its lowest price of the entire ski season.

    Two years ago, when we were finalizing our trip to Italy for our grandson’s birth, Delta biz/first had finally opened up for the return flight, that we were taking together–I’d left much earlier than Husband. I had my upgrade, through Alaska Air. I called Delta. They offered me a seat for him for an additional triple the saver miles. I said, “That seems really high.” The CSR checked, offered double the saver miles. I said, “I’d really like to be sitting with my husband. But I know him, and he won’t pay that much to sit in business.” He put me on hold, came back, and Husband and I were sitting together in biz/first, all the way home.

    My code is to be sweet. First. It usually works. If not, take out the stick.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Nice! I had a similar situation on Delta a couple of years ago on a coach award ticket with Air France. Air France offered me a buy-up, but then it didn’t go through. I called Delta and sweet talked myself into a free DCA-MAD upgrade with no status! No idea why that worked.

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