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New American Express Offer: Rocketmiles $50 off $200 (Open to all! )

RocketMiles AMEX

I was checking my American Express offers this morning (which you should do every couple of weeks) and saw an interesting one: $50 back on a $200 Rocketmiles purchase. I found it in the “my offers” tab of a personal Platinum AMEX and also on Facebook (which is connected to a personal Rewards Gold) but am not 100% sure if it’s not targeted as I can’t find it on Twitter You can also tweet #AMEXRocketmiles to get in on the offer, but don’t wait!

If you’re not familiar, Rocketmiles lets you earn airline miles on your hotel stays. Keep in mind you probably won’t also earn hotel points as it’s a 3rd party booking. If you’re not brand-loyal or staying in a place with mostly independent hotels, it could be a great option. They also offer 1,000 free miles with referral.

Rocketmiles does offer higher 1st time bonuses from time to time but this is the first actual credit I’ve seen, and the first I’ve seen good for repeat customers.

I’ve yet to try Rocketmiles but this promo is definitely head turning. Do you Rocket? Please share your experiences in the comments. Please also let me know if you see the promotion so we can figure out how widely it’s targeted.

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5 thoughts on “New American Express Offer: Rocketmiles $50 off $200 (Open to all! )

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Eddy,
      Oh yeah. In my experience the book date is the end of the promo. If there is a stay by date it is listed separately.

  1. Tim Rutherford

    This offer is from AMEX. I think the $200+ purchase would need to post to your AMEX account prior to the end of the offer period. Right?

    I’ve never used RocketMiles. Do you pre-pay for RocketMile deals or do you pay at the end of your stay?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Tim,
      Good point. I’m not 100% on this one, but think Rocketmiles has both types of rates available depending on the hotel. You would want a prepay one if you’re booking after 10/30. Readers?

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