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Sometimes a One Night Trip is All You Need

Closing down the Magic Kingdom.

Closing down the Magic Kingdom.

We save up for those big family trips: I know I saved up for a year to have enough miles for Camp Mom Asia. But sometimes you just NEED to get away-and a day is all you have. I was reminded recently that sometimes one night trips are all you need to completely reset your mindset.

Recently Deal Dad has been killing it at work…and it’s been killing him. So when I had a one night business trip to Disney World (yea, I have trouble typing that with a straight face), he came along. And it was so remarkable to watch the stress melt away minute by minute. It was mostly gone by the time we boarded the plane…

Departing rainy Dulles.

Departing rainy Dulles.

and ALL gone three hours later with Moscow Mule in hand at the Grand Floridian. The next day I came home with an entirely different Deal Dad than the one I left with.

Deal Dad

I get that you all don’t have free trips to Disney drop in your lap (I usually don’t, either), but many of you DO collect miles and points that give you flexibility to cash them in case of emergency. And sometimes I define “emergency” as using your Vinylmation Snuggie as clothing. So last year I cashed in my own miles for a sanity run to Mexico City. And that one night did indeed save me from an endless winter.

When have you escaped for just one night, and was it worth it? Please share your stories in the comments.

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