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PointBreaks for Real Life: $35/Night Summer 2015 Getaway Ideas

If you are follow all of the Points Blogs, you know PointBreaks are a great deal where points stays at IHG hotels are slashed to 5,000 points a night. The Summer 2015 list goes live on Tuesday, 5/26. Bookings are good through the end of July and are fully cancel-able so there’s no risk.

I usually start my PointBreak reviews by (gently) mocking the random International hotel everyone else is getting excited about: in this case the Intercontinental Nha Trang in Vietnam.  However, I’m headed to Vietnam next month and while Nha Trang isn’t on my itinerary, Hanoi is.  I’m rebooking to the Crowne Plaza West Hanoi so am in no position to judge this time.

I didn’t write a post just to remind you that I’m going to Vietnam, though.   I wanted to remind you that PointBreaks are tailor made for one thing: Oblications. Take a good look at the list and see if there are any on there near where you are going this summer- there’s a handy map at the bottom of this page. With luck, you’ll save a lot of stress by not having to sleep on a pull out couch!

I also see a few that might make for a fun long weekend:
Holiday Inn Geneva/Finger Lakes, New York: Niagara Falls is on my to-do list with the Deal Kids and Becky at The Girl and Globe has my curiosity piqued about the region.
Holiday Inn Express, Kilmarnock, VA: No water views like the Holiday Inn Solomons Island but the Northern Neck area of the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful and VERY mellow for a weekend getaway with some of the best crab eatin’ around.
Holiday Inn Chantilly, VA: DC Suburban Hotel for $35/night? No-brainer. Seem to be semi-regular on the PB list so if you miss this time, check again.

“Back Door” point buying”Need a top up on your IHG account? You can transfer IHG points in from Chase Ultimate Rewards. Just transfer in 5,000 then do the following:

  • Book a “Cash and Points” stay at a 15,000 points hotel for 5,000 + $70. Here’s one you can use: Holiday Inn Winchester 15k
  • Cancel it. You’ll be charged $70 and refunded 15,000 points!
  • Repeat as needed (within reason…don’t go crazy or IHG will shut you down). Using just the transfer method you’re effectively buying points at .7 each.


Are you booking any of these rates, or are you planning to?  Please share your plans in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “PointBreaks for Real Life: $35/Night Summer 2015 Getaway Ideas

  1. Erik

    It’s been about 9 years since we’ve visited the Finger Lakes/Niagara region. That trip was before kids during fall color season and we were driving around with the top down in a 2-seat roadster (a lovely time of the year to visit, BTW). I saw the Point Breaks preview list a few days ago and nothing had really jumped out at me. Looked at it again this morning and was trying to decide if I should do anything when I read your post. Not sure how I had missed Finger Lakes….but now we are booked! There are lots of gorge-ous things to do around there if you like the outdoors. I think our girls will love the glass museum – we liked it as adults! Of course, we’ll take them across the border to Niagara Falls and also spend a day in Toronto. If you like wine, the wineries on the Canadian side are better, in my opinion. Just west of the falls there are maybe 100 wineries in the Niagara peninsula. We love this place called Thirty Bench because they make a great buttery-style chardonnay. Check out the cute little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. There is also a culinary school nearby that has a restaurant where you can get a nice inexpensive 3-course meal (relative to the quality you’re getting). Right now the exchange rate is quite nice since $1 USD gets you about $1.24 CAD.

  2. Becky

    So all of the Finger Lakes are great, but Geneva is definitely one of the prettiest areas! For $35/night, I think it would be a great base…I personally could spend all week, but even 1-2 nights on the way to Niagara Falls would be awesome!

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