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$34 Cash Back on Hotel or Car Rental- NO MIN- With BA and TopCashBack

Just saw a deal that could be crazy-good once we play with it: British Airways Hotel Bookings and Car Rentals currently pay a whopping $34.00 each on TopCashBack. Note that’s NOT for packages that include air, NOT for car and hotel together, but for a single hotel night or single car rental with no minimum purchase requirement listed.

Putting in some queries, here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Car rentals look overpriced, hotel rates look comparable to other sites
  • Looks like they only service BA gateways

I’m going to set this one loose on the expert hackers among you. ¬†Please report back with what you find- and have fun!

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17 thoughts on “$34 Cash Back on Hotel or Car Rental- NO MIN- With BA and TopCashBack

  1. Parkerthon

    Interesting. I managed to find a Hyatt Place in the city I’m traveling to regularly, but their site is literally broken. Any attempt to switch prices on a select hotel room reloads the page and ups the rates. Talk about a ridiculously poor website. No wonder they’re offering $34 per booking. For a silly bug like that to slip past no one must ever use it.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hmmm…I was able to get one through. Thanks for sharing, and it may be worth trying again in a few.

      1. Parkerthon

        Thanks. I will try again tomorrow. I tried two different browsers from two different pc’s to book a hotel so something is up.

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  4. Jeffrey

    I usually check Las Vegas when I see these kinds of things and indeed, several random dates in December at least you can actually make a (tiny) profit… I found Excalibur as low as $32/night. Other dates and better hotels still come out pretty well.

    That said, there’s a note that says “Hotel Savings Included” when I go to book (though I’m not actually intending to book anything). I’m not totally sure the $34 isn’t already taken out, but the final price is more or less in line with Kayak so I’m guessing not.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Jeffrey,
      Nice way to top up Hyatt stay credits! I can verify that TopCashBack is entirely separate from any promotions listed on the website (or at least has been on every single other TCB transaction I’ve ever seen).

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      At Hyatt properties, YMMV. For instance- AMEX FHR has counted for me numerous times, but others have had priceline not count. The pattern appears to be that “opaque” bookings don’t count-but I’m not aware of that being a written policy. The best is to always call and have your number attached to your reservation-it never hurts to try.

      However, it’s another story when you’re talking about MGM. I know bookings through Mlife do count as Hyatt stay credit, and those aren’t through Hyatt. I’m thinking as long as you provide your Hyatt number at check-in Hyatt would have no idea how it was booked.

  5. Will

    Very interesting catch. Been looking at the MGM properties in Vegas….. and when carefully comparing identical rooms, it appears the rates available via tcb/BA are somewhat higher than if you booked directly with the hotel. For example, on Aug. 2nd, rates start @ $48 via tcb/BA. The same room via MLife or will cost you $38 or so. (all this before the resort fee) Yes, the tcb/BA deal will get us $34 back, but what I want to know is will I still get the $20 food and beverage credit? Is that a perk that comes with all rooms? Or just the special promotions? If it doesn’t come with the tcb/BA deal seems to be about the same as reserving direct.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      THIS one I can answer with pretty good certainty. Whenever you see “$20 F/B credit” at either Luxor or Excalibur it translates to “coupon book”. It is NOT a straight off the bill credit like at other properties. It’s useful for B1G1 at Krispy Kreme, Corn Dogs, etc. There’s usually $10 off at the Excalibur steakhouse and $10 off at a Luxor high end restaurant with no min so they can call it a “credit”, but no one is going into either of those restaurants to spend $10. I have a review of both here:

      1. Will

        Thanks for the further insights, TDM! I gather then that “coupon book” comes with all the rooms.

        PS: I’ve been checking other dates for the topcashback/British Airways hotel promo for Vegas. To my astonishment, the newly refurbished Tropicana (DoubleTree/Hilton) is pricing out on some dates in later August and into October as low as $12 per night. (much less than via or with the doubletree direct) ok, they charge a $25/night resort fee, yet that’s almost covered if I’m still getting back $34/ night for each booking, Mistake rate? Too good to be true?

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  8. will

    It appears the deal has been effectively killed…. language now appears indicating minimum purchases for various categories. Under hotels, I’m now seeing this:

    Minimum spend of $200 to earn cash back

    That verbiage was NOT there previously. But since they’ve stuck it in there AFTER I made my reservations, would I be correct in guessing that they’re going to try to fight paying out the $34? (for each reservation — reservations that by the way are not fully refundable?)

    Feeling burned…. Advise? What are others doing here?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Topcashback is pretty good about honoring deals as they were written at the time you booked. You might have to file a claim if they don’t pay, but TCB generally plays the game fairly.

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