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True Deal Mommy Confession: I Bought a Plus Size Bikini

I bought a

If you’re a dude or perfect in every way, feel free to skip this post.

Here we go.
Swimsuit season.
Some cliches exist for a reason, and most women I know see buying a swimsuit as a chore at best and more likely their own personal Everest. I know I do.  Especially because plus size swimsuits tend to come in 2 styles: “just cover it up” or “body size spanx”.  The former, not flattering on ANYONE.  The latter? $200-and vise-grip uncomfortable.

Not this year. No, I haven’t lost all sense of reality. I’m a Mom in her 40s of who hasn’t lost her 8 year old’s baby weight. But with that age comes wisdom-and for me, balls.  So this year when I saw the suit above endorsed by fashionista Nicolette Mason (who is must follow, BTW) in Marie Claire, I thought “that’s so cute!”, not reflexively “not gonna go there”.

Flash forward to today at Target when I had a rare block of time alone to shop. I grabbed the suit in question-along with a one piece to compare- and braved the dressing room.

And you know what? The world didn’t end! The bikini WAS cute. Not “I’m gonna model it on the blog” cute (I’m brave, not masochistic) but take off my cover-up at the pool cute. Come out of the dressing room and ask the clerk cute. Even more surprising, it was MORE comfortable and flattering than the one piece (which again felt like a giant rubber band). And it’s under $50.

No, wearing a bikini is not a huge deal in the scheme of things. But sometimes you have to celebrate the little milestones- and encourage others to join you on the journey.

What have you conquered lately?  Please share and we’ll celebrate together.

8 thoughts on “True Deal Mommy Confession: I Bought a Plus Size Bikini

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      It won’t make yah blog, but strange things have been known to pop up on my Instagram feed 😱

  1. Jamie

    I love this line – “take off my cover-up at the pool cute.”
    That’s a tough moment… okay, off comes the cover up. 1-2-3 go. whew.
    I bet you look great in your new suit! If it’s cute and comfy, it sounds like a win to me.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Yup. Just try to remember…everyone else is too worried about their own body issues to judge yours.

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