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United Rolls Out Free Streaming Video, But Only if You’re Prepared

Only if you are prepared! Image via

Only if you are prepared! Image via

This weekend I flew Southwest to Orlando and United back. On the flight out I enjoyed Southwest’s free video streaming just by logging on to Southwest’s site with my iPad. Couldn’t have been easier.

So I was thrilled to get an email from United letting me know my flight home also offered free streaming in flight entertainment (IFE). However, you can’t miss the fine print…you have to download United’s app before boarding! The selection is extremely limited (as in mostly foreign language films) if you don’t have the app. Not only that, you can’t access the app from United’s free WiFi…if you want it in flight you’ll have to buy WiFi then download the app at abysmally slow speeds before you can watch.

So my PSA for today: if you’re flying United, be sure to download the app at the airport just in case your plane has streaming WiFi. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.

Have you enjoyed United’s free IFE (or did you miss out because you didn’t have the app)? Please share in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “United Rolls Out Free Streaming Video, But Only if You’re Prepared

  1. Rayn

    From my experience, most of United gate agents announce before boarding (planes with free wifi streaming IFE) that passengers should download the United app before boarding to get the IFE.
    Also, the United app part is actually not required. At least, I was able to watch the streaming video on my iPad using Google Chrome. It does not work as well as in the United app, but it works. Not to mention the United app sometimes frequently crashes during the streaming.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Rayn,
      I wish I had good luck with United gate agents, but sure wouldn’t expect them to be helpful. Chrome may be the difference as I couldn’t access locked content on Safari, which is what most iPad users default to.

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