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Camp Mom Asia 2015 by the Numbers: 19,177 Miles in 30 Days!

Courtesy Great Circle Mapper

Courtesy Great Circle Mapper

Whew. The logistics for Camp Mom Asia are finally in place! Thanks for bearing with me as I worked it all out in my head. Your advice has really helped.

Here’s the plan, along with my thought process which I hope will help you in your own planning:

Our 1st class award tickets to Asia are Washington National-Dallas-Tokyo, then Deal Dad returns two weeks later on the same route. After a schedule change threw things into chaos, I was able to get us all on the same flight out.

When Deal Dad departs Japan, we do too, but to Hanoi on BA award tickets. After three days in Hanoi, we head to Da Nang. Today I paid $101/person for business class tickets on Vietnam Airlines because they come with free baggage and the coach tickets actually would have cost more once we paid for our bags.

Here’s where I owe you guys a thank you and an explanation. Vietnam got under my skin and I couldn’t figure out why. Just yesterday I had my Aha moment: Vietnam was freaking me out because I was ignoring my own rules!

Rule #1 I’ve discussed recently: Don’t overschedule. I had 5 stops in mind which in 10 days is WAY too many. I needed to simplify.

Rule #2 is personal, but I think makes sense: I need close access to Western Medicine. Once I put the stops through the English speaking hospital test, the Ha Long Bay cruise went right out the window. It’s just outside of my comfort zone going solo with the kids.

So once I chucked the cruise, I settled on Hanoi, Hoi An, and Da Nang. Hue is appealing, but just one stop too many. It’s also a train ride or long drive and at least an overnight. I’ve still got a bit of FOMO, but have to balance it with Griswold Fever.

I’m happy now with 3 nights in Hanoi, 4 in Hoi An, and 4 in Da Nang. It’s only one non-stop flight in 10 days and has plenty of time for wandering, pool hanging, and games of go-fish. With all the new, it’s important to keep time in for plain old fun.

From Da Nang we head to Hong Kong on BA Award tickets and 4 days later head back to JFK on Cathay Pacific Business. We still need to get back to DC, but are in no rush. I was able to score 2 award nights at the Radisson Martinique before the Club Carlson policy changes.

Finally, our chariot awaits to escort us back to DC…the Megabus. $6/ticket gets us home in style.

What do you think? Please share in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Camp Mom Asia 2015 by the Numbers: 19,177 Miles in 30 Days!

  1. Denise L

    Sounds like a wonderful, well-thought-out itinerary. And as always, I love your travel style – from first class to business class to the Megabus!

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