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Radisson Suites Melbourne: My Favorite Hotel on My Favorite Florida Beach

Living room in the corner suites, Radisson Melbourne, April 2015

Living room in the corner suites, Radisson Melbourne, April 2015

I’m not a huge hotel reviewer unless there’s a reason to stay (or not stay) at a property. After two stays recently I’m happy to share that Radisson Suites in Melbourne, Florida is definitely the former. Not only is the Radisson Suites Melbourne a terrific property, it’s a real value on points.

The Space Coast between Daytona and Vero Beach has long been my favorite of the Florida beaches. Why? Because it’s never crowded, always sparkling clean, and so mellow. You’re never going to find a wet T-Shirt contest around here. The Space Coast is the destination of two groups: retirees and families who usually drive down for Spring Break. We’ve met folks from Wisconsin, Buffalo, and a number from DC and not one of them flew here. It’s just not jet set.

The Radisson has exactly what families need for a vacation: all rooms are oceanfront two room suites in great shape. The pool is not fancy, but plenty large. There’s a Walmart right across the street for snacks and beach toys and the pizza options nearby (thanks to the retirees I mentioned from NYC) are numerous and surprisingly good. We’re a fan of Bizarro’s about two miles South right on the ocean.

My favorite part of the Radisson, though, is what’s outside it:

Sunrise at the Radisson Melbourne, April 2015

Sunrise at the Radisson Melbourne, April 2015

We spent six hours on this beach yesterday and it never felt packed- and we’re smack dab in the middle of Spring Break. Just enough families were nearby that the Deal Kids made friends boogie-boarding- which left me time to indulge in a paperback from the hotel’s lending library. I even snuck in time for a Yuengling from the hotel bar.

The best part? The hotel is only 44,000 Club Carlson points a night, which caps the rate at $220. Off season I’ve seen rates as low as $109. At that rate, I even splurged on the e-upgrade and got the corner suite pictured for $19/night. Totally worth it. Room tip: there’s a bar on the low numbered end of the hotel so rooms numbered 6 or higher will be (slightly) less noisy. As I mentioned, I don’t think any bar here will get raucous enough to mess with your sleep.

Our visit overlapped with Deb from Fishing 4 Deals who was traveling with two teenage girls. As we checked in we ran into them and one asked if I was the one who recommended the Radisson. Finding out I was, she thanked me and gushed about what a great place this is. If the Radisson Suites Melbourne can win over a teenage girl, it will please just about anyone.

Have you stayed at the Radisson Suites Melbourne? Is there another off the radar Club Carlson property worth seeking out? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Radisson Suites Melbourne: My Favorite Hotel on My Favorite Florida Beach

  1. Jennifer

    We stayed a few nights over Christmas break and had a great time. The location on the beach was perfect, loved the corner suite! Gave Dd her own sleeping area and a door for our bedroom. The pool was great for her, she liked the lights changing color at night. We will be back here!

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m glad to see more finding the Space Coast. Depending on your girl’s age, a trip to Kennedy might also be in order. It’s great at any age, but the Rocket Garden is the world’s best playground!

  2. Juan

    Count me in. That all sounds great except for “You’re never going to find a wet T-Shirt contest” which is sad. Beats going to the movies.
    I have been very happy with my Club Carlson point selections.

  3. DavidNJ

    Thank you for the timely review. Have to burn loads of points before the May 31 deadline and had just sent my Daughter this hotel link for her approval early this evening. I booked 10 nights over Thanksgiving (44K) @ the Radisson, Grenada today (off the radar) and will book 4 nights @ the Radisson, Melbourne tomorrow.

  4. DaninMCI

    Good timing on your trip and review as US Bank just announced yesterday that they are killing the 2nd night free on awards with the Club Carlson card after June 1st 2015.

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