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Want a Real Bargain Wedding? $99 Gets You Married at Denny’s in Vegas

dennys vegas weddingI’m not a fan of expensive weddings. My wedding to Deal Dad cost under $2000 including the dress and reception (and almost 20 years later we’re none the worse for wear). So I was curious when I saw on our last trip to Vegas that Denny’s Fremont Street holds Weddings for just $99. If you want to go all out, $199 gets you the Denny’s Vegas Wedding and a wedding cake made out of Pancake Puppies.

In the interests of research, we had to check out the Fremont Street Denny’s. Turns out in addition to being a wedding chapel, the Fremont Street location is also a Denny’s test kitchen. The above Strawberry Pancake Puppies premiered at Fremont. For $2 we got an order of 8 delicious calorie bombs served with…wait for it…a side of frosting dipping sauce.

So after you exchange vows you and your guests can dine on entrees unique to the Fremont Street Location. How about a Bacontini for your wedding toast? It’ll go well with the Pancake Puppy Wedding Cake!

I’m not sure I could get married at Denny’s, but it would be a heck of a vow renewal! Have you visited the Fremont Denny’s or another unique wedding venue? Please share in the comments.

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