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Daily Getaways Preview: Alamo is The Best of the Lot. Here’s Why

Alamo Rent A Car - Rental Car Deals, Cheap Last Minute Specials

Daily Getaways released their annual preview list today. To recap, Daily Getaways is an annual promotion that releases limited quantities of discounted hotel points and travel packages daily.

One big bummer: no American Express Discount this year. There are a few packages I might still consider, but the $25 for $50 (up to 3) Alamo Rent a Car Certificates on April 27 is the absolute no-brainer.

Why am I so excited about Alamo? Because I tested the certificates last year. I was expecting that the 50% off, since you put the certificate in the “coupon code” box, would over-ride any other programs…but I was wrong.

Just use your free Alamo Insiders login and you’ll get both the 50% off AND the insider pricing, which averages 20% off. You can even enter through Ebates for an extra 2.5% off of that. Sweet!

But wait, there’s more.  I called in my Las Vegas rental last year and the Mid-Size SUV for 8 days would have been $241 after taxes.  Using 3 certificates that cost $67.50, the rental cost $57, most of which was taxes. Turns out any of the percentage taxes also go down since the daily getaway certificates count as coupons. I should have saved $82.50 but I actually saved $117!

This year I’ll buy the certificates and book the $9.99 drive out of Florida deal. Making an already awesome deal obscene.

Have you successfully redeemed the Alamo certificates? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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19 thoughts on “Daily Getaways Preview: Alamo is The Best of the Lot. Here’s Why

  1. JohnnieD

    So these certificates stack with the $9.99 deal from FL? Hmm, can you use more than 1, say 3? Does one need to call in rather than thru online acct??

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Yup! More than 1 you have to call it in but you can all 3 (up to the $50 value) in 1 transaction.

  2. Danh

    You can cancel and rebook anytime if the price goes down. The cert returned back and you can use it immediately. I bought 6 last year and already used 5 of them

  3. Daniel W

    Does anybody know if these same rules apply for gift certificates from Discover cashback redemptions?
    They have $40 certificates available for $20.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Daniel,
      I’ve never used one, but my guess is that if one type of cert is coded as a coupon, they all are. Readers?

      1. Ben

        The Discover certs are only applied to the daily rate, not any taxes.

        Do we know for sure that these Daily Getaways deals WILL apply to taxes?

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    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      Sorry, not 100% sure either. I think it was a contract code but also allowed insiders/non coded promo rates like the $9.99′, but not coupon codes.

  5. Daily Getaways

    Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning #DailyGetaways on your blog. This year, the additional 10% savings that was once only available to AMEX card holders, have now been added into most deal pricing upfront. This means everyone has access to maximum savings, no matter what card is used to purchase. Thank you for being a Daily Getaways advocate. We appreciate it!

    -The Daily Getaways Team

  6. Craig Coppola

    So i can buy 3 of these 50% off coupons.

    I sm going to vancouver for 10 days in July 2015, i can use all 3 for my 10 day rental??

    What other ways can i save for this trip, sorry i am new to all this.

    Any info would help, thanks.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Craig,
      Welcome! (and don’t feel bad, we were all new once).
      Yes, you can use 3 on one rental as long as it’s $150 or more. You just have to call Alamo reservations to book. If you’re only using 1, you can book online.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      LOL, Craig. Ask away!
      No discounts this year, but you’d probably get 2x (it should code as travel) on Chase UR or Barclay’s arrival is always good.

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