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A Tip to Get 1st Dibs on Award Flights

Per Fare Compare Southwest Airlines has a new route from BWI airport to San Jose, Costa Rica. Southwest’s first expansion into Central America hopefully leads to more routes and fare competition/ award flights availability. SWA has also expanded their network deeply into the Caribbean which is only good news for all flyers.

This news provides a perfect chance to show off a tip I learned from Jason Steele at FT4RL. Jason shared how he’s always in the know when new routes pop up in his market: he keeps an eye on the airport’s press room and subscribes to their email lists and twitter feeds. One simple step gets him first notice when new flights (meaning new awards) come available. New routes can be a treasure trove of opportunity simply because others aren’t looking for them yet. Prices can be lower and award space wide open.

I’ve just followed the following accounts on Twitter:

A 30 second perusal of BWI shows the expansion of 2 budget airlines (WOW and Condor) into Europe that definitely look worth some research. With the Euro so competitive with the dollar right now could be a terrific time to plan a trip over the pond!

Have you picked up any gems of knowledge from your local airport? Please share in the comments.

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