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Some Thoughts on #FT4RL 2


Before I head home from my little party, I just wanted to share a few take-aways about the actual event. I have some definite action items I learned and will share them later. The speakers, our honorary secretary, and perhaps some of the guests will also share their views over the next few days and I’ll compile them for you as well.  In no particular order:

Family Travel is a shared passion. How you travel with kids isn’t nearly as important as the mere fact that you travel with kids! Each speaker could not have been more different from another- by design. We talked about First Class on Asian Airlines and Southwest. We chatted about Hyatt Suites and Mongolian Gers. We shared stories about infants and grandkids. And Disney…lots of Disney!

When kids travel, it shows.  A few of the guests brought their kids for the weekend.  I’m convinced their comfort in conversation and natural curiosity is a direct result of their travel experience.

When planning an event, try to lean in. People kept asking me about my stress level. Besides the weather (which did have me sweating many arrivals), the logistics didn’t stress me this time. Any bumps along the way smoothed out…or I just rode over them.  Guests provide the experience and the camaraderie. All you do is set the stage.

When you host an event, you invite guests into your home. Treat them as such. Guests are doing YOU a privilege by spending their valuable time and money on your event.  Let them know you get it!

Don’t get too married to your original vision.  I expected FT4RL to appeal to beginners and while we’ve had a few, we also have guests with extensive knowledge join the tribe. FT4RL is so much richer with them.

My baby has toddled in a direction I didn’t originally see.  I’m thrilled with where it goes.

Thanks so much to those who joined me in Charlotte.  Hope to see you at #3!

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6 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on #FT4RL 2

  1. Kirsten(@TheAmericanTravelProject)

    It was a great event for all of the things you mentioned. I loved how every single person there had something valuable to share and teach & felt like a kindred spirit. Thanks for bringing together such a great group of people from all different walks of life who can speak the same ‘love-of-travel’ (and bargains) language. It’s so nice to connect with people who just get it. Looking forward to number 3:)

  2. Skywardbd

    Great event! Enjoyed chatting and spending time with everyone. I left inspired and encouraged to continue exploring and learning. Very rewarding, entertaining weekend.

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