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Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf: The Best of Disney Without the Parks

Fantasia Gardens- Best of Disney World Without the parks
I’m performing an experiment: Can you experience a Disney World Vacation without visiting the theme parks? Today I’m giving a shout-out to a trip highlight: Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf.

Some background: Because this year’s Camp Mom, Asian Edition includes trips to BOTH Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneyland, on our last minute Florida getaway I wasn’t inclined to spend $800 on Disney Park Tickets.

However, prices at the actual Disney Resort hotels are at rock-bottom this week with value hotels going for under $80 and Moderates under $120/night. I’ll share my thoughts on each hotel we’ve visited in a later post. So, we decided to try “Disney without the parks” by enjoying the OTHER attractions Disney World has to offer. You know, the stuff you think “oh, that sounds fun” but skip because you’re too tired from the parks…

Fantasia Gardens

In a word (as given by the deal kids): Awesome. Musical. Hidden.

Awesome: (I’ll add Themed) Self-explanatory, but I’ll throw out there that many attractions in the parks are more done TO you than having you DO. Being actively immersed in Disney is a bonus. You have to put “mini-golf” out of your mind as Fantasia Gardens is SO much more: it’s imagineered. Based upon the movie (loosely) each hole is an adventure that winds under mountains, into fountains, and all around directs you into an experience. We gave up trying to keep score at the first hole and just enjoyed the spectacle.

Musical: Being based on Fantasia, classical scores play throughout. Each hole has a story and features include topiary ostrich ballerinas and even Pan himself.

Hidden: The phrase “hidden gem” is now cliche, but we encountered no lines at Fantasia Gardens during our visit. At $14 for Adults and $12 for kids the price isn’t at all out of line with the experience…you can pay that much for an average movie. We definitely got 2 hours worth out of Fantasia Gardens and would happily return to check out Winter Summerland once it finishes refurbishment.

Have you done mini golf Disney style? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf: The Best of Disney Without the Parks

  1. Shannon

    We haven’t done this yet, but we may do this in April. We have the non expiration tickets so when we’re at Disney, we don’t go every day. Have you gone to Ft.Wilderness and done the campfire with Chip and Dale? That would be free. Last trip, we did the monorail tour to see all the Christmas decorations. How about going to the Poly for a Dole Whip? The bikes at Riverside look like fun. We’ll probably try those out.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Shannon,
      We have done Chip and Dale, which is great fun. Didn’t make it yet for a dole whip, but yesterday we attempted (and failed) to tackle the kitchen sink!

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