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Embracing the Suck

The item Deal Dad would use to nominate me for "What Not to Wear".

Hello, Old Friend.

Here we are, again. Just when I thought last winter was as bad as it could get, the kids have had 4 full school days in the last 2 weeks. And at least eight more weeks of winter await.

But this year I have a new strategy: Embracing the Suck. Borrowed from military spouse (and friend) Kim, I’m leaning into the season just expecting that the kids will be home every. single. day. That way any day they go to school is a bonus!

I’m leaning into the season knowing the lack of sun sends me into a stupor. Instead of cursing my lack of energy, I’m embracing the long winter’s nap. Deal Dad asked me yesterday if he had married a bear.

So this year I’m leaning in so I won’t have to use an escape hatch. Sure, I’ll take a couple of long weekends with the kids, but nothing so drastic as a 21 hour trip to Mexico City. Helps that I’ve got an Amazing Asian Camp Mom in Japan and Vietnam to plan.

But ask me again in six weeks how all the leaning in is going. If you can wake me.

How are you handling the winter? Please share your survival tips in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Embracing the Suck

  1. Pawtim

    Just try to make it to Groundhog Day; if you can do that, you’ve only got six weeks of winter left! Hooray! My family and friends have made a big deal out of Groundhog Day for many years; it is one of the biggest holidays in our family calendar! Other people think we’re nuts, but it’s just nice to see that the end of winter isn’t too far down the line. The kids make Groundhog Day hats, the moms cook groundhog shaped pancakes, and we sing songs that we make up to the tune of popular Christmas songs but with the words about groundhogs. My personal favorite starts out:
    Oh, Groundhog Day,
    oh Groundhog Day,
    will he see his shadow?

    Also, watch the film Groundhog Day and thank your lucky stars that winter is not interminable!

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Love this! I think there’s also one of those old Rankin/Bass specials that prominently features Mr. Groundhog…(George Gobel as the voice?)

  2. John

    This was a big deal for me on those long Michigan
    winters back in the day. Aside from a February trip to
    Mexico annually, a twin 500 watt halogen work light
    In the living room (with fleece blanket) made for a warm
    And cozy reading/story time/quiet play area. Classical
    Music was a nice addition once in a while as well.

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