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Spring Break Still Open? Take Off, Eh?

Mmmm..Poutine!  Montreal, August 2012

Mmmm..Poutine! Montreal, August 2012

Sand in your toes, Ocean Breezes Babes in Bikinis…nope, none of those. If you’re looking for a hot Spring Break destination, I’m advising you head North.

You see, the Canadian Dollar is down to 84 cents per dollar, which means you get an immediate 19 percent discount just by crossing the border. With gas as low as I can remember and flights from the East Coast to Toronto and Montreal just 4,500 each way, Canada is also much cheaper to get to than it used to be.

Niagara Falls averages a temperate 13 degrees (55 F) for a high the first week of April. Even at night it barely hits freezing. And it’s only a 7 hour drive from DC. A little farther north? Quebec City perhaps? A bit nippier at 9 degrees (42F) for an average high. Still totally do-able.

The Deal Kids and I spent a lovely long weekend in Montreal and Quebec City a couple of years ago for the very first Camp Mom. We all fell in love with Tim Hortons and kids still talk about the Four Points Sheraton in Quebec City…both for the hot tub that was bigger than the pool and for the fact that I ate Moose Tartare.

Have you considered Canada this Spring (or have you done it)? Please share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Break Still Open? Take Off, Eh?

  1. Kirsten (@TheAmericanTravelProject)

    Funny you should mention it….for some very odd reason, my son’s top destination wish/request is Canada. My husband & I have been to about 10 different places in Canada, but not since we’ve had the kids. So I promised my son we would go to Canada sometime this year. We were looking at Easter break, but it’s just too cold for me (yes, I’m a wimp). Then we were looking at Memorial Day, but want a bit more time. Now we are leaning toward an August road trip. Niagara Falls & Toronto are easily do-able as a road trip for us (we’ve done it before). My favorite part of NF was going behind the falls & taking the boat ride, so we need warmer weather for that.

  2. Becky

    I absolutely adore Canada, but April is one of the worst times to be there (coming from someone who went to Niagara Falls every month for 17 years…). It can be cold, rainy (or freezing rain), and MUDDY from melting snow. I guess on the bright side, hotels will be cheap and crowds will be thin! IMO you should bundle up and go December-mid March or try again May-October.

      1. Becky

        I have no personal experience in the April timeframe for either Montreal or Quebec — I’d guess March is fine because it’s still truly winter (the ice hotel stays open through March) and April could again get to be that icky season between winter and spring. At least Montreal and Quebec have some great indoor activities, unlike Niagara Falls.

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