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Wanna Save on a Disney Vacation? Grab Your Passport!

I’m a well-documented Disney Nut. However, Orlando is not my favorite place on earth. Visiting Disney is pretty much the only reason I go there. We tend to go for a week, because tickets are cheaper per day the longer you go. I wish we could go for a day or 2 on a long weekend, but at these prices I just can’t do it:

Screenshot of Disney World ticket prices, Jan 2015.

Screenshot of Disney World ticket prices, Jan 2015.

The Deal Kids have been itching to get back to Disney and I was thrilled to build in stops at Tokyo Disneyland/Sea and Hong Kong Disneyland. I knew we would probably do 2 days in Japan and just one in Hong Kong and was prepared to suck it up. Imagine my surprise when I found this:

Screenshot per Tokyo Disney, Jan 2015

Screenshot per Tokyo Disney, Jan 2015

At current rates this equates to $46/day for a 2 day for adults pass, or almost a 50% discount from the Orlando rate of $88 day!

Hong Kong Disneyland looks like this:

Per Disney website Jan 2015

Per Disney website Jan 2015

That’s $64, or at least 1/3 off for a one day pass.

So if you’re headed to Asia, you might seriously think about adding a Disney day or 2. I know it seems funny to travel 1/2 way around the world to see Mickey, but you might get to put Orlando off for another year and you’ll save to boot.

Your kids will love picking out the differences between the parks. You will too!

(And not to mention, there’s a Universal Studios in Japan and Singapore. In Japan it’s 1/3 the cost of Orlando.)

Have you done an Asian Magic Kingdom? Please share your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a Disney Prize pack.

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12 thoughts on “Wanna Save on a Disney Vacation? Grab Your Passport!

  1. Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    We were amazed at how reasonable the prices were when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland earlier this year – for tickets as well as for a lot of other things. We stayed at the “best” hotel, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which is essentially a copy of the Grand Floridian for about $300 a night. You’ll never find that kind of pricing in Orlando for one of the deluxe Disney hotels!

  2. Mason

    We took our boys to HK Disney for a day during our week long trip to the area on spring break. I found the prices for food and souvenirs to be similar to the U.S. parks, although we appreciated the reduced admission. The lines for rides were very reasonable on our weekday visit, and it was fun visiting HK-only areas like Toy Story Land and their version of The Haunted Mansion. I thought it was just enough Disney for my wife and I without burning out on a week long Disney vacation, and it was a nice break for our kids from their first experience with Asian culture (which can be overwhelming to young kids).

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      My thoughts, too. Thanks for sharing your experience! I was concerned about lines and am glad to hear this.

  3. DaninMCI

    The exchange rate in HKG helps on this I’m sure but even EuroDisney is cheaper than the US parks. We are getting ready to visit Disney Paris and the tickets are about $67 usd a day for two park passes without even trying to get any major discount deals.

  4. Phxbne

    We spent 3 days at Tokyo DLR in November. DisneySea ia amazing, while Disneyland is different in interesting ways from the U.S. We found food prices reasonable too. The crowds however, can be crazy…..the downside to the low prices. We stayed at Hilton Tokyo Bay which was great.
    Have a great trip!

  5. DaninMCI

    We recently booked at the Auberge Discovery Bay hotel near Disney Hong Kong for about $100 usd a night. It looks really nice with great reviews and often runs specials through OTA’s.

  6. Stacy

    We are headed to Europe this summer and have bounced around the idea of doing Disney Paris for a day. Our 7 y/o has never been, but we don’t want to spend the $$ if the lines are 2-3 hrs long as they are here in the summer. Would love to hear from your readers.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Stacy,
      If you’re on Twitter, please throw out this question out over there to me and I’ll get it out to a LOT more people. Thanks!

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