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Deal Mommy Gift Guide: Traveler’s Edition

Tumi Packable Backpack - Rust - Tanga

Out of inspiration? Look no further! Over the last three years I’ve collected tons of great ideas and am happy to share them with you. Travel lovers will love any of the following gifts, and many won’t bust your budget:

  • Wrist/Ankle Wallet: I’ve wandered safely through streets in many pickpocket capitals with this little gem strapped to my leg. Impossible to detect under pants, it keeps my credit card and emergency money safe from sticky fingers.
  • All Access Print and Digital Subs from $3 so you can read on your kindle and toss the print, and Kindle Magazine Subs are from $5 this week on Amazon.
  • Next Issue Subsription. Next Issue is this super handy app that holds hundreds of magazines in your tablet ready to be downloaded whenever you want to read them. It’s especially great on long flights when I want tons of trashy fashion magazines but no extra bulk.
  • Philosophy 3 in 1: This is a great all-around gift that also fits in the travel category due to being multi-use. What is philosophy and why do so many moms love it? Well, if you’re asking, you might not be a mom, because most moms still have those days where a five minute shower is a luxury and having to grab three bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner just feels like too much work!
  • Tumi Packable Backpack : Amazing deal for less than $30. Folds down into a tiny pouch. Perfect for tossing into your carryon for extra souvenirs, or for a lightweight but super-sturdy go-to bag. I also see 2 styles of Tumi jackets, 1 for $45 and 1 for $60. Just search “Tumi” if you get re-directed.
  • Samsung WB35F 16.2MP Smart WiFi & NFC Digital Camera with 12x Optical Zoom and 2.7″ LCD: Deal Mommy Tested. A Wifi enabled camera has changed my travel. It’s so easy to use!  You just upload your photos via bluetooth (you don’t even have to have wifi) to your phone or ipad and you can edit and send to instagram. You also have to make sure you have a MICRO SD card.
  • Monopod/Selfie Stick: An item actually on my wish list this year. I know some of you have mastered the selfie, but I need all the help I can get!
  • Portable External Battery Charger with PowerIQ? Technology for iPhone, Samsung, HTC and More (Black): I got one of these as conference swag and another one is going into Deal Dad’s stocking. He’s terrible at remembering to charge his cell phone!
  • Kensington Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger: an absolute MUST for international travel.

What’s your go-to gift for travel lovers?  Please share in the comments.

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