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Pointbreaks: My Holiday Sanity Savers

Pointbreaks, take me away!

Pointbreaks, take me away!

If you are follow all of the Points Blogs, you know PointBreaks are a great dealwhere points stays at IHG hotels are slashed to 5,000 points a night. This specific list is good till the end of Feb. Please indluge me and suffer through ANOTHER PointBreaks post because PointBreaks are about the best bargain out there for family getaways.

First and foremost, Pointbreaks are perfect for Oblications. I encourage you to take a GOOD list at the PointBreaks  list and see if your sanity can be saved by not having to spend your nights on a pull-out couch in the basement. Stays are fully cancel-able so there’s no risk. If you’re low on points, see the buying method below.

“Back Door” point buying”Need a top up on your IHG account? You can transfer IHG points in from Chase. Just transfer in 5,000, then do the following:

  • Book a “Cash and Points” stay at a 15,000 points hotel for 5,000 + $70. Here’s one you can use: Holiday Inn Winchester 15k
  • Cancel it. You’ll be charged $70 and refunded 15,000 points!
  • Repeat as needed (within reason…don’t go crazy or IHG will shut you down). Using just the transfer method you’re effectively buying points at .7 each.


Are you booking any of these rates, or are you planning to?  Please share your experiences!


2 thoughts on “Pointbreaks: My Holiday Sanity Savers

  1. Points With a Crew

    Don’t know if you saw it, but I came up with a map that shows the different locations (I think it’s a lot easier to see where they are all than trying to figure out WHERE in Oklahoma “Chicasha”is (Southwest part :-D)

    Hope it helps!

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