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Pack for a Purpose: Doing Good While Living Well

Pack for a Purpose

So I’m boarding a plane to Beaches Turks and Caicos in 16 hours and in typical fashion haven’t begun to pack anything I’ll need for the trip. My checked bag, however, was filled a week ago for Pack for a Purpose.

The founder of Pack for a Purpose was recently awarded a Traveler of the Year award from National Geographic, and for good reason. The organization operates on a simple premise: fill the space left over in your luggage with items needed by the residents of the countries you visit. Pack for a Purpose acts as a link between the charities on the ground and the hotels at each destination. Just go to your destination and you’ll see a list of what is needed.

I was thrilled to learn that Beaches/Sandals works with 2 schools in the Turks and Caicos Islands and they specifically were looking for school supplies. The need was easy for me to fill not only because I have school age children but also because it being October school supplies are pretty much being given away on clearance. So for less than $20 (and in a free checked bag) I’m able to provide the Enid Capron Primary School with oodles of crayons, pencils, pens, markers and notebooks. Knowing we’ve helped in some small way will make relaxing on the sands of Beaches just that much sweeter.

Much of what I write is about “the good life”. ┬áBut sometimes travel-especially with my kids- isn’t just about luxury, it’s also about expanding our view of the world. Pack with a Purpose is an easy way to involve the whole family in getting outside of the bubble.

Have you ever used Pack with a Purpose? Please share your experiences.

5 thoughts on “Pack for a Purpose: Doing Good While Living Well

  1. Kirsten

    Love this idea, thanks for sharing! In my “real” life I work with those in need, so I really appreciate organizations and ideas like this. In my job I see first hand how these types of things impact people in a positive way. People often don’t realize what a huge difference a kindness like this can make for someone.

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