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Car Seat Luggage Strap: Spend $14 Now, Thank me Later

Where was this when the Deal Kids were younger? Check out this amazing : The Traveling Car Seat Luggage Strap that turns your carry-on and existing carseat into a travel stroller for the airport. Genius! I wish I had a car seat luggage strap instead of spending $200 on the carseat stroller.

Have one? Reviews, please!

2 thoughts on “Car Seat Luggage Strap: Spend $14 Now, Thank me Later

  1. Kim T.

    Wow! Pretty neat! Especially for the price!
    I learned a very hard way that you NEVER, EVER, NEVER check your child’s car seat. If your flight gets cancelled or delayed you’re STUCK. Airports do NOT have extras that you can borrow to put in a car – your own or a rental. And to find a car rental place that has a vehicle with a built in car seat or a spare car seat to put in a car, especially at the last minute, is NOT a good way to start off a vacation. As for “retrieving” your car seat after a mishap with your flight, perhaps you could, had your luggage not been put on another flight heading to the city in which you were to be traveling to.
    (Yah, I’ve never forgotten about that Delta.)

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