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I Got Charged for a Hotel Room I Cancelled!


Being overcharged makes me hopping mad!

After three weeks away, today I finally took a good look at my credit card statements. On one I noticed a $136 charge from a Sheraton in Seattle. Well, I was in Seattle a few weeks ago, but I stayed at Hyatt properties! Looking closer, I realized I was being charged a one night’s “No-Show” fee for the same time period. Hmmm…

Then I remembered I had considered staying at a Sheraton and had even made a reservation. I make a LOT of hotel reservations, so I suppose it could be possible I forgot…

Except that I hadn’t! Logging onto my SPG account I clearly saw the reservation, and more importantly, I saw the cancellation.

Here’s where our dear friends @SPG on Twitter enter the picture. Sending a direct message, I let them know what happened and they got back to me in minutes to get more info. Within 2 hours I had a call from the hotel manager apologizing and taking care of the refund.

Lessons learned:

  • Always check your credit card statements! I would have totally missed $136 if I hadn’t done a quick eyeball of the actual charges.
  • Make sure you have records of your cancellations. I actually failed on this one, but fortunately had my back.  In the future I’ll be holding on to those emails.
  • Social Media is your friend. I found the mistake at 6 in the morning (3AM in Seattle).  Instead of waiting hours or days for an email return or having to remember to follow up by phone, the SPG team on Twitter got it fixed within minutes.

Have you used Social Media to get an overcharge fixed?  Please share in the comments.

7 thoughts on “I Got Charged for a Hotel Room I Cancelled!

  1. patrick

    So it’s was pretty much a non issue then?
    Contact SPG,
    Let them know what the problem is.
    SPG fixes the problem.

    What’s the big deal?

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for stopping by. The reason I posted this story is to remind others to check their credit card statements, keep their cancellation records, and if something goes wrong to use social media.

      If I hadn’t done #1 (checking my statement line by line) I would have been out $136.

  2. Leon

    Thanks for the post TDM. The same thing happened to me and the Hotel Tried to agrue with me about the reservation being cancelled, then when I sent proof (account Screenshot) of when I cancelled the reservation they said they had no record of it on their end. When I called Preferred line they called hotel talked to the same person I did and that hotel rep. told them I was wrong about the cancellation. Long story short I got my refund and compensation for the “Misunderstanding”.

  3. blanca

    Hmmmm….if you guys have a cancellation number and the hotel/chain is giving you the run around for a refund…next time dispute with your credit card issuer! The hotel is clearly in the wrong and you can easily prove it. Tough if they can’t find it on their end that is not your problem.

    1. thedealmommy

      Hi Blanca,
      That would have been my next step. Just so aggravating that it had to get to that level!

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