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Luxor vs Excalibur: Las Vegas Budget Hotel Showdown

Luxor vs Excalibur
Now that I’ve had 2 stays each at Luxor Las Vegas and Excalibur next door, it felt time to give a review. If you want a standard review, I suggest TripAdvisor. I’m going to attempt to answer the question I think most have: “Which one should I choose?” by breaking my review up into categories and giving each hotel a chance to shine in its featured area.

  • Price: Excalibur. Searching many dates, Excalibur is going to be the lowest day to day.  However, be sure to check both, as when a special event is going on at MGM, Luxor might actually be cheaper as proximity to the arena causes Excalibur to go higher. Resort fees are comparable: $22 for Luxor and $20 for Excalibur.
  • Technology: Excalibur. Both haven’t left the 90s in the rooms with WIRED internet, meaning iPads are pretty much unusable.  Excalibur at least has free wifi in the public areas.
  • Pool: Excalibur.  This one surprised me, but Excalibur has a waterslide, and the pyramid glass causes a death ray beam to focus on the concrete surrounding the Luxor pool in the mornings!  I wasn’t worshiping the sun at Luxor, more escaping the beam of doom.
  • Theming: Luxor. By a mile.  The “artwork” in the Excalibur was basically a sheet of wrapping paper with a shield cut out in the frame.  Luxor carried the theme to the extreme!  Especially love the pyramid shaped soaps in the standard rooms.
  • Standard Rooms: Luxor. Excalibur’s rooms are fine, but glasses are wrapped plastic and the room screams “Motel 6”. Luxor feels more like a Holiday Inn.
  • Upgrade Potential: Luxor. Excalibur has less than 20 suites in the entire hotel, and none of them have 2 beds. Luxor has tons of suites, from the “Pyramid”, which was perfectly nice last year, to the “Tower” Suite, which felt high roller (well, except for the yellow cable for Internet and the VCR and wait for it…CASSETTE PLAYER).  However, the Bulgari toiletries were a nice (and surprising, like seeing a cashmere robe at a Radisson) touch.

The biggest surprise to me is that there’s no clear winner…it’s really going to depend on what’s important to you.  The Deal Kids and I clearly prefer Luxor…but we don’t swim there.  If it were the only chance at a pool…we’d reconsider.


Have you stayed at both Luxor and Excalibur?  Which one do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Luxor vs Excalibur: Las Vegas Budget Hotel Showdown

  1. MaryE

    Were you there to garner nights for Hyatt? I found that my night at the Excalibur posted but my Luxor did not, even though I had stated I wanted my night credited to Hyatt. One of the nights was my 25th, and just to ensure that I kept my Diamond status I did stay one more night in the Santa Clara area in CA to make sure. Turns out that my make sure was just the right move.

    I also enjoyed Luxor more than Excalibur. I am a’ backpacking to Hyatt Diamond’ girl, only to make sure that I do not lose my perspective. I was upgraded to a larger room in the Luxor but not in the pyramid; however, it was about a 10 minute walk away from the elevator. Yet dead quiet. I like quiet rooms, but mine was more like an Egyptian tomb quietness. I loved the pyramid soap as well.

    1. thedealmommy

      Hi Mary,
      I was visiting Vegas anyway, but did jump more than usual to get those stays in. It’s also fun for the kids to try all the different properties- we’ve been known to do 6 hotels (with 6 hotel pools) on a single week trip!

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