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Souvenir Stories: Magic Man

Deal Kid's Latest.

Deal Kid’s Latest.

This post is part of the Souvenir Stories series, where I share the stuff that takes me back once I get home.

The Deal Kids and I are fresh from David Copperfield, which was an astounding show, absolutely worth the hype.

But even before the show, Deal Kid’s annual obsession with magic returned, and I blame Houdini. The magic shop, that is. Scattered all over Vegas are these amazing emporiums of all things a ten year old can’t resist: fake poop, fart bombs, and of course magic tricks.

Deal Kid has had a passing interest in magic since he was 5, but every year about this time it grows to a fever pitch as we just “must” get the trick those crafty sales folks are demonstrating. Last year Deal Kid confidently turned nickels into quarters (if only the slot machines would do that!). This year it’s the cups and balls trick…a variation of the shell game. With an hour or so’s practice he managed to fool us with aplomb.

Do your kids have an interest that flares up with travel? Please share in the comments.

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