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DC Spy Museum With Kids: Mission Impossible?

Bond treasures.

Bond treasures.

The DC Spy Museum tries really hard, I’ll grant it that. Between handing out a family guide to air-duct climbing to code solving, “kid-friendly” is all over the 1st impression of the Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

Don’t be fooled.

  • Consider the cost: even with a coupon, 2 adults and 2 kids over 7 are going to shell out $52 to walk in the door. Is $50 worth a visit to ANY museum with a 7 year old? That may be open to debate, but I side towards NO. 
  • Consider the crowds.  Most DC museums are crowded in tourist season, but the Spy Museum FELT more crowded than any museum I’ve visited.  It’s small and narrow in many sections, and a stroller would be a DISASTER.
  • Consider the content:  most of the exhibits sailed right over the head of 7 year old Deal Girl. Even Deal Kid, at almost 11, walked right by most stuff until I explained it to him, only then would the light bulb go on at all. (Shout out here to the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman which had some pinpoint accurate history lessons that acted as an aid to the museum.)

The Deal Kids’ Review

That said, the Deal Kids had fun.  Deal Girl mentioned the “interactiveness” of the games and Deal Kid now wants to see James Bond Movies (a win for Deal Dad). I asked them both what they thought the ideal age for a visit would be.  Deal Girl said 7.5 (her age to the month). Deal Kid, however, showed self-awareness by replying “13”.  “I just don’t think most kids would get it. I mean I did, because I’ve traveled and stuff, but I think most of the kids I saw there just walked by the stuff.”

Deal Kid, I totally agree.  While I bought the membership for myself and can’t wait to take Deal Dad, I just don’t think it’s worth it for less than teens/ mature tweens. Preschoolers? NO. WAY.


Have you taken your kids to the Spy Museum? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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Is visiting the DC Spy Museum with kids a Mission Impossible?

4 thoughts on “DC Spy Museum With Kids: Mission Impossible?

  1. Sam

    This post is exactly why I love your site, as it is focused on family fun and travel. I’m a huge fan of spy gear and spy movies and shows…and loved the museum. However I visited with a few friends, not a family with little ones. Your concerns for age appropriateness are dead on. If your little ones are not familiar with the cold war, 60’s & 70’s spy shows and movies there won’t be a whole lot for a kid to experience. I’ll be sure to raise my little ones on a healthy diet of Get Smart, Inspector Gadget, and hope for the best when I take them there someday.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      (Blush) For the Tweens/teens, the fake identity part was fun and they even had a live “guard” doing identity checks.

  2. Kim t.

    Might want to pre-screen the Bond movies too. Even some of the oldies are sometimes a bit racey – this happened to us just this week. Found ourselves searching for the remote to FF through a bedroom scene.
    Thanks for info! I had contemplated the spy museum for this summer and wondered if it would be worth it.

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