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Souvenir Stories: Gas Station Football Glass



This post is part of the Souvenir Stories series, where I share the stuff that takes me back once I get home.

FIFA fever is rampant, and many of my travel friends, including Jamison and George have high-tailed it to Brazil to take in the action. I don’t think “World Cup” has made it to my “legend-wait-for-it-dary” list yet, but I am a little sad that I’m not in a country that is more passionate about (proper) football.

Sure, here in DC I can find all sorts of bars showing the matches but it’s just not the same as being in a country where the entire population has gone nuts. I enjoyed the 2010 Cup from Panama City, where I played $1 blackjack while football blared from every corner and the action at the sports book rivaled any I’ve seen in Vegas. That was fun, to be sure, but my favorite football memory isn’t from the World Cup at all.

2 years ago my visit to Tenerife coincided with the UEFA Euro Championship. Coming off back to back wins, Spain had a lot on the line. Fortunately, they delivered a smashing defeat to the Italians.

I viewed the match from a cliff-side bar just outside my hotel with a group of local families. Between sips of Ron de Miel, I joined in the celebration, no matter that my football knowledge consists of “don’t touch the ball”.

Getting gas on my way to the airport, I spotted this glass offered for 1 Euro with a full tank. I just couldn’t resist, even though I knew a gas station cup ranked among the sillier souvenirs I’ve collected over the years. I’m so glad I did as I cheer on Team USA with my gas station glass… filled with Ron de Miel on the rocks.

Have you ever bought a souvenir at a gas station? Please share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Souvenir Stories: Gas Station Football Glass

  1. Kim T.

    “(Proper) football”?
    Down South the only form of football is that which is played with an oblong ball and in a college arena (sans the SEC championship game).
    Just for that, what is a “legend-wait-for-it-DAIRY?” 😉
    I’m not big on souvineers. Always seem to amount to something for me to dust or clean. (We have enough champaign flutes and pilsners with military ball logos on them to serve our entire extended family Thanksgiving dinner beverages. Seriously, they house an ENTIRE cabinet in my kitchen and I am unable to recall when even a single one of them has been used. Hubs refuses to part with them.)
    But I do have a painting that we acquired on our honeymoon in Punta Cana. It’s an abstract of a nude but tasteful lady’s back. Due to it’s large size (length when rolled up) we had a heckofa time getting it back to the States. The husband had to rearrange our suitcases to put the contents of his carry-on into our checked luggage so the picture could travel in his hand and not be folded.
    That was 10 years ago. And after all of that, the canvas still has not made it to the wall of any house we have lived in since (all 6 of them).
    I probably should hang it on the refrigerator as a reminder of the elegant sexyness that I . . . I mean the model . . . has.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Lol. You’ll get it hung when you retire. Legend-wait-for-it-dairy is taken from Barney Stinson of HIMYM, and replaces the term “bucket list”, which I detest.

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