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Souvenir Stories: Garrett’s Popcorn

Sweet Home ORD

Sweet Home ORD

This post is part of the Souvenir Stories series, where I share the stuff that takes me back once I get home.

As I sit here munching on my Chicago Mix, which taste-wise might just be the perfect food, it occurs to me that souvenirs don’t even have to be from a “place”. To the uninitiated, Chicago Mix is 1/2 Cheese Popcorn and 1/2 Caramel, which seems on paper it shouldn’t work, but OH SO DOES. Garrett’s is my O’Hare routine, and most of the time I get it I’m not even going into Chicago. I just buy the jumbo bag from the shop in Terminal H and ask for a couple of empty small bags to munch on between flights.

Louis C.K. does a hilarious bit about Cinnabon at the airport (WAY NSFW). My flirtation with the iced wonder was fleeting, and now every mall in America has one. Garrett’s, at least in my mind, is unique to ORD.

However, I just saw on Garrett’s store locator that stores are popping up (pardon the pun) all over the place, even in airports such as (?) Sao Paulo, Brazil. Good news for you FIFA fans, I guess.

While I wish the company well, this expansion makes me a little sad. Garrett’s means Mag Mile, Cubs hats, and, well, O’Hare to me. I’ll even see a Garrett’s, if I wish, in two weeks in Las Vegas…but I think I’ll pass as it just won’t be the same.

Are there any airport foods you seek out? Please share in the comments.

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