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Sleeping at McDonald’s

One of the many toys on display at Hamburger University.

One of the many toys on display at Hamburger University.

I geek out when worlds collide. “First Class Hotel Experience” and “Mickey D’s” aren’t phrases you normally hear in the same sentence, so I was in Heaven when I got to see first-hand Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus.

Attached to legendary (in my mind) Hamburger University, the Hyatt Lodge, just outside of Chicago in Oak Brook, IL, didn’t disappoint in traditional terms. It was indeed a Hyatt experience, practically perfect in every way (including bend over your back service). In fact, TOO much so in some ways. The rooms themselves were standard Hyatt, so much so that I didn’t even bother photographing them. I had hoped to see McSoap and Shampoo, but alas it was the Kenet stuff I have a drawer full of already.

And most of note: the food, while lovely, wasn’t from McDonald’s at all! I get it. The hotel is where the big-wigs stay (there’s even a helicopter pad in the parking lot) and I’m guessing Big Macs every single day might get old. I had just hoped to order up an Egg McMuffin as my Hyatt Diamond breakfast.

Not to fear: my inner nerd was fully satisfied, however, by the artwork in every public space. Interspersed among the classic pieces were images of McDonald’s both cheeky and touching. My favorites were the famous paintings from history with a Big Mac and Fries strategically inserted such as the image on the front of this post. I have a ton more on my Instagram if you’re interested.

Also fun was a stroll over to Hamburger U, where on display is all sorts of memorabilia from “uniforms through the years” to classic toys to Ray Kroc’s office, completely frozen in time. They do sell Hamburger U swag, and I desperately wanted some, but alas the store didn’t open until after I had to catch my flight home.

No worries…that just gives me a reason to return. I will happily do so and recommend the property to anyone looking for an alternative to boring O’Hare hotels.

To sum up: I’m Lovin’ It!

2 thoughts on “Sleeping at McDonald’s

  1. Mikel

    Big fan of colliding worlds as well. This Hyatt sounds cool, but maybe an opportunity missed. I think they could have gone a bit more kitsch and made it work.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Mike,
      That was my hope as well, but the Hyatt Lodge is definitely inwardly focused. That said, the art was EVERYWHERE.

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