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Camp Mom: The Las Vegas Pool Tour, Redux! 1 Mom, 2 Kids, 6 Pools, 8 Nights, 1Million SPF

The Pool at the Hard Rock, #1 in our five pool tour.

The Pool at the Hard Rock, #1 in our six pool tour.

We had so much fun last year we’re doing it again! We’re off in 3 weeks for 9 days in Las Vegas. This trip is an oblication, but we’re fortunate enough to have Deal Aunt live in a place we love to visit! I know, it sucks to be The Deal Mommy 😉

This time we even have the added bonus of chasing The Amazing Race. We’ll do one of the nights at MGM Grand and make sure to see David Copperfield’s show. I think we will also squeeze in Cirque since they’re having an amazing 30th anniversary ticket sale.

Why on earth would I stay in 6 hotels in 8 nights? By leveraging promotions, I am able to lower the cost of each individual stay, including earning Hyatt stay credit towards my Diamond Status and to get another free cruise.

The details:

  • Jetsetter is to thank for a night at the Hard Rock (above) 100% free as I had $50 in there from SniqueAway and the room was $47. Be sure to log into your account (or sign up) to check for your free credit. If you’ve ever had a Jetsetter or SniqueAway Account in your lifetime, chances are you have some in there.
  • By having Mlife Platinum Status (free with Hyatt Diamond), I got an average of 30% off the already cheap July MGM casino rates. Remember, status is based on STAYS for Hyatt, not nights, if you want it the easier way (25 stays vs. 50 nights). By moving around, we’ll get to sample 5 MGM properties and rack up a full 20% of my Diamond requirement in one trip. Mlife Platinum also gets us into the dolphin show at Mirage, the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and a bunch of other benes. This trip we’ll repeat Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, and Luxor and add Mirage and MGM Grand to the mix.

I’ve gotten two questions when I have mentioned this trip to friends:

Vegas with Kids? Yes! We have done it many times. Between the Fremont street light show to the dancing fountains to the crazy architecture to yes, the pools, the Deal Kids LOVE Las Vegas.

Vegas in July? Yes! Have you been to DC in July? It’s MISERABLE! If I’m gonna be hot, I might as well be hot soaking in a million gallon grotto rather than swatting mosquitoes in 97 percent humidity. Even after airfare (which I used Delta miles for), it’s definitely cheaper than Mid-Atlantic beaches, with no threat of hurricanes!

Have you done Vegas with your kids?  What did they especially enjoy?

4 thoughts on “Camp Mom: The Las Vegas Pool Tour, Redux! 1 Mom, 2 Kids, 6 Pools, 8 Nights, 1Million SPF

  1. Monica

    Ha – yes I’m with you. We go to Vegas for 10-14 days every August and people think we are insane. The pools are empty in the morning as the adults sleep off their hangovers. We googled all the free things our MLife status gets us – free tickets to the aquarium at Mandalay, Tigers at Mirage, etc. and hardly paid for anything. We pack our clothes in gallon plastic bags by day, leave most of the luggage in the car, and hit a Laundromat halfway through.

  2. Brandi Parshley

    Very intrigued by this idea! I’m going to file it away for next summer. Cheap vegas airfare comes up often, and my kids love a good pool. We have a day in LAS on our way back from SFO this November and I was excited by all the free, fun, kid activities and shows. Never thought about doing a whole week! Would be super fun with a mom friend and her kiddos too!

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