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Chasing The Amazing Race

Deal Girl enjoys Tea on the Titanic, June 2013

Deal Girl enjoys Tea on the Titanic, June 2013

Update Feb 2015: The Amazing Race’s 1st destination is…Tokyo!

For 2 years in a row we’ve been chasing The Amazing Race. It’s not on purpose, but somehow our last two vacation destinations have corresponded with the final episodes of our favorite show.

Last year we enjoyed Tea on the Titanic in Belfast, where Amazing Race filmed a challenge featuring contestants as waiters. Held every Sunday, “Tea on the Titanic” is held in a historically accurate re-creation of the grand staircase of the Titanic. The Tea, which especially for kids is a good value, is enough food for two meals if you plan it right. The Deal Kids didn’t have any real understanding of what a “Tea” was and I can’t imagine a better introduction. Our kids felt like they were IN the race as extras being served!

I figured our luck was a one-off, so imagine my surprise when the finale this year was held in Las Vegas, where we’re headed in July! The final roadblock featured an illusion by David Copperfeld at the MGM Grand, so of course we just HAVE to stay there one night and see his show.

So this is just a quick note to the producers (who knows, maybe this should be titled “Chasing The Deal Mommy” 🙂 : 2015’s destination is Japan. We’ll see you there and be ready to “Eat the Wasabi”!

Have you ever visited scenes from favorite shows with your kids? Please share in the comments.

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