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Holiday Inn Solomons Island, MD Review: AKA, Seriously, Pointbreaks haters?

Views from rooms 483 and 484

Views from rooms 483 and 484

Greetings from my balcony at Holiday Inn Solomon’s Island, Maryland at 6:48AM on a glorious June morning (June!). I don’t do a lot of hotel reviews (in fact this is maybe my 3rd this year after 20+ hotel nights) but wanted to highlight our stay here because this hotel is on the , where hotels go for 5,000 points a night, until 7/31. That means you can effectively buy this room for $35/night, or even less on the Daily Getaways program.

Many of the “big time” travel bloggers put out haterade on the current PointBreaks list, I guess because the Intercontinental in Hinjao wasn’t on it.  Enjoying my 2nd cup of Wolfgang Puck coffee on my balcony in the treetops with the marina peeking through, I beg to differ.

  • Last night, 2 adults and 2 kids had room service (with an appetizer and lots of leftovers) for $53
  • Yesterday at check-in we got 2 bags of treats “for being Priority Club Members” (as in no status, just signed up!).
  • The Pointbreaks booking allowed me to book water view rooms for 5,000 points, not just standard rooms.  Because of this, we were put into suites when none were available by 3PM checkin.
  • This hotel includes free breakfast, which today is Sunday Brunch with Jazz (added: ok, a guy with a keyboard, but the crab mac n’ cheese was dreamy).

Is is perfect? Of course not. Let’s see…um, the wifi was slow yesterday due to high volume (it’s fine this morning), the pool isn’t heated so still a little cold for my taste, and technically Solomon’s Island is on the inner bay so there’s a bank on the other side of my water view.  But is it worth $35/night to have Deal Girl and her friend here building room forts while the Moms enjoy wine and crab dip on the balcony?  Hell, yeah!

Holiday Inn Solomon's Island 1


My point is to get you to really take a look at this Pointbreaks list and see how you might get away, if even for a night. Sure, it might not be the fanciest stay you’ve ever had, but you just might get a heck of a lot more than $35 out of the experience.

And have some O's and Bo's on me.

And have some O’s and Bo’s on me.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Inn Solomons Island, MD Review: AKA, Seriously, Pointbreaks haters?

  1. Ron

    What did you do with the kids there? I was considering this hotel for my family but I didn’t see a lot to do on tripadvisor besides a museum.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Ron,
      This is much more of a “be” getaway, as opposed to a “do” getaway, if you know what I mean. Our kids are content chasing seagulls, cracking crab legs, eating ice cream on the pier and using the small playground, taking a stroll around the marina finding honeysuckle, swimming, and enjoying the novelty of hotel life.

      There are also kayak rentals that would be great for older kids, or boat rentals if you want to go fishing or make a family outing out of it, but I definitely wouldn’t call Solomons “action packed”. To be honest, their lives this time of year are action packed enough with SOLs, etc, so the break is welcome!

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