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Downton Abbey Dreamin? $112/night Manor near London, even in Summer!

Nosy Housekeeper not included.

Nosy Housekeeper not included.

I mentioned this one a couple of months ago and am bumping it because I am really surprised that it’s still available. If you’re transiting London anytime this year, this deal is pretty close to a no-brainer as even a hotel on points will cost over $112 a night.

Regular readers know I’m a Luxury Link stalker, so I’m happy to report a new one on the site that’s an absolute steal for summer: $224 gets you 2 nights at a 4 star manor house just outside of London, with dates wide open till the end of 2014!

This one is reasonable enough that even 2 rooms for a family of 4 will set you back $224 a night, which for a 30 min train ride from London is not cringe-worthy in summer for a heck of a nice place. One thing I like about LL Packages being priced in Dollars and being paid for up front is that you’re not subject to any last minute currency surprises…and let’s face it: the dollar is not our friend in Western Europe at the moment.

The absolute best rate I could find on the hotel’s own website in August was 105 pounds, or $174, to give you an idea.

To get it, here’s what you do: First, Accept my invitation to Luxury Link. Once you have your invite, you’ll see $50 in your account. To find the hotel, just search “Stoke Place” and it will pop right up. They have both auctions and buy it now, I’d recommend the auction because in the years I’ve been buying on the site, the first bid usually wins. If the auction is not available when you look, check back in a few hours to a day as it will most likely get relisted. If you see something else you like and your auction goes over $500, use coupon code LL100 for 10% off and save your $50 for another auction as you’ll save more with the code.

So, you’ll see:
No. of Nights:
Regular Price:
$232 Taxes Included
Minimum Bid:
Taxes Included
Your Max Bid:

(Enter $232 or more)
Then when you hit “next”, you’ll see:
No. of Nights 2
Current Bid: US $232
Your Maximum bid: $232
Taxes: Included
Handling Fee: $40
LuxuryLink Credit:
[-US $50]

Enter your CC info (you’ll only get charged when you win). When you win, you’ll send in your dates. If you need specific ones, you can call the hotel first to double check.

I also get a credit if you use my link, so thanks if you do.

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