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True Deal Mommy Confession: I’m a Bag Lady

A small selection of my bag "collection" (hoarding).

A small selection of my bag “collection” (hoarding).

I’d love to call this post one of my “Souvenir Stories” but to be honest, it’s just not! I have a secret stash that got unveiled while I was traveling and Deal Dad did some spring cleaning. To his horror, he discovered gobs upon gobs of plastic bags I was storing as if they were treasure.

Fortunately, he’s known me long enough to also know my fondness compulsion to save bags from my travels: I just love the thrill of returning library books in a bag from Iceland!  It adds a little flavor to an otherwise dreary task.

Do you hoard items from your travels that others might consider trash?  Please share in the comments (and help me feel a bit less kooky).


4 thoughts on “True Deal Mommy Confession: I’m a Bag Lady

  1. Denise L

    Funny – I keep all the cool paper shopping bags that I get from around the world. I am right now looking at a bag from the Hilton Rome Cavalieri sitting in my den, filled with some stuff I need to bring to my mother’s house. It is fun to be reminded of our special summer trip.

  2. TravMom

    Love bags from wherever I go but somehow I can’t seem to remember to take ANY of them to the grocery store!🙄 #wasteful

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