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My 50% Off Spa Secret

While in Denver last weekend, I discovered a way to get blissed-out that had nothing to do with the recent legalization of recreational herbs. Tucked under a TJMaxx on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, the Aveda Institute looks like any other Aveda spa but holds a secret: all services are performed by students, and are DIRT CHEAP. Sometimes, they’re even free!

Strolling by, I popped in and discovered I could get a 90 minute facial for $45. Hour long massages were going for $40 and pedicures were $25. If I had come in early enough, I would have gotten a shampoo and style thrown in for free with my facial! You better believe I grabbed this opportunity.

The Deal Mommy Verdict? MUST DO. The service was Aveda in every way and felt like a $200 facial. The only signs that it was performed by a student was the checklist the facialist went by and the interview (5 minutes long) that I had with the instructor at the end for feedback. The room was also open plan so the instructor could listen in, but had curtains in between so felt very private.

I told the instructor that the service felt super-professional and like a hotel facial and she confirmed my thoughts: high end salons hire straight from the school! Why not go to the source for at least 1/2 off?

Doing a little more investigation, I’m thrilled to discover that Aveda Institutes has locations all over the country! You better believe I’ll be scouting out more locations that are looking for clients.

Have you tried out Aveda Institute or a similar service? Please share your experience in the comments.

4 thoughts on “My 50% Off Spa Secret

  1. Krystyna

    I used to live two blocks from the Aveda Institute in Chicago and it was amazing. I’d get a facial at least once a month. When I moved to the DC area a few years ago I figured I’d try the location here. It’s terrible. The facial was no where near as good as the one in Chicago and the spa environment isn’t as nice.

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