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Come Join Me and Deal Girl at Starwood Cirque de Soleil Day in NYC!

Can't Wait!

Can’t Wait! Thanks, SPG!

I’ve been wanting to take Deal Girl to a Broadway show, but she has resisted…mostly because at 7 she doesn’t know what a “show” is. However, she DOES remember Cirque de Soleil fondly and I just grabbed this deal from SPG Auctions: 15,000 points for 2 VIP experience tickets to Cirque de Soleil’s newest show Amaluna in NYC April 5. Girls weekend, here we come!

Wanna join in? There’s still 7 left! At $270 a VIP ticket, and that doesn’t include all of the goodies in the package, it’s a great redemption of your SPG points. Another one that Mommy Points recommends is the Chicago Cubs ticket packages.

Here’s my 1 minute review of the 2012 show:

One of the highlights of my summer 2012: the FREE outdoor Cirque de Soleil shows in downtown Quebec City.

Free Cirque de Soleil? You heard me correctly. The story I heard was that the Mayor of Quebec City made a sweetheart deal with the Cirque for tax breaks in exchange for five years of free shows. When you hear “free show” your thought may be 15 min exhibition, but mais non! This is a full scale Cirque production complete with at least 100 performers, full costumes, stage sets, lighting, and all of the trimmings.

But that’s not what makes it special. The real treat is where it’s located: under a highway overpass. So while trapeze artists twirl ribbons, 3 story computer-lit DJ stands rock out, and general chaos reigns, trucks shake the entire stage! It’s quite simply unbelievable…until you see it.

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