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Deal Mommy Tested: Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Guarantee on My 1995 Honeymoon Suitcase

Top: Before  Bottom: After

Top: Before
Bottom: After

Non-Disclosure Disclosure: I did NOT inform Eagle Creek I was a blogger before sending them my bag. This was a blind test!

I take the words “lifetime guarantee” with a pretty big grain of salt. Who really tests those things? Well, I recently had the chance to test one that may not qualify as “lifetime”, but is at least a generation.

Deal Dad and I got the Eagle Creek luggage pictured in the top photo as a wedding gift and as you can see it has gotten EXTENSIVE use over the past 18.5 years. On our last trip (a cruise) one of the wheels peeled away and it became pretty much inoperable. After almost 2 decades you’d think we’d be tempted to throw it away, but the bag is in such great shape it seemed a real shame.

I actually went onto with the thought of buying spare wheels, but when I saw the warranty I thought this bag would be the perfect test. So, after $13 in stamps (bought at 20% off) and a trip to the post office my old bag was on it’s way to the fixery.

10 days later, my old bag came back, with brand new smooth and shiny wheels, ready to roll. Amazing!

Something else great about the guarantee is that you don’t have to have a receipt (Whew! Who keeps a receipt from 1995?). You don’t even to have bought the bag from Eagle Creek directly, so you can shop around. I recommend checking the Eagle Creek Store on Amazon to make sure you’re getting the best prices.

Have you ever tested a lifetime guarantee? Please share!

5 thoughts on “Deal Mommy Tested: Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Guarantee on My 1995 Honeymoon Suitcase

  1. Denise

    I have an Eagle Creek Wheeled Duffel purchased from Sierra Trading Post (I think…) in 1999. It has been all over the world from Europe to Asia to South America. It has been back to Eagle Creek twice for a major overhaul, and all I pay is the outbound postage. I love Eagle Creek!

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Denise,
      That is so cool to hear. My only wish is that Eagle Creek’s bags were more brightly colored after my Heathrow Fiasco, but I do have some day-glo yellow straps to help find them easier at baggage claim.

      1. Wendy

        You could take some fabric paint and decorate them. I hired a artist years ago to hand paint my bowling bag. I had a bowling bag that was similar to all my friends. I bowled in tournaments and a couple times someone would almost walk away with my bag before I had a lighthouse painted on it. I still use that bowling bag 30 years latter.

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